How to Log Out Twitter | Easy Ways on PC/Android, iPhone

Log Out of Twitter

This post will show you how to Log Out Twitter. This post will also show you how to log out from Twitter on all devices simultaneously.

I use Windows 11 PC, Google Pixel 4a Android 12 and iPhone (iOS 15.2). Let’s start.

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How to Log Out Twitter on a PC

Log Out Twitter

You need to take these steps to log out of the Twitter desktop edition.

Register to Twitter

In the left sidebar, click on your username.

The “Logout @username” option is visible. Click it.

Select “Log out” in the confirmation popup

That’s it.

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How to log out of the Twitter App on Android and iPhone

How to Log Out Twitter | Easy Ways on PC/Android, iPhone

These are the steps:

Tap the profile picture link at the top of the Twitter app.

Choose the “Settings & Privacy” option.

Tap “Your account”, and then select “Account information.”

At the bottom, you will see “Logout”. Tap on it.

Click “Log Out” in the confirmation popup.

That’s all.

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How to sign out of Twitter on All Devices at the Same Time

Remember that these steps will sign you out of Twitter on all devices at once, except your current one.

Let’s look at the steps for this task on Android and a computer.


Register for your Twitter account.

Click “More”, in the left sidebar. Click Security and privacy > Access > Apps > Sessions.

Click on “Log out from all other sessions” to see it.

Click on the “Log Out” button in the confirmation popup.

Android Phone

Open the Twitter app, and tap the profile picture in the top left.

Select Settings and privacy > Security > Account access > Apps > Sessions.

Click “Logout of all other sessions” in the confirmation popup. Select “Logout.”

That’s all.

Thank you for reading.

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