How To Link WB Account To Twitch

How To Link WB Account To Twitch

You will need to connect Warner Bros and Twitch in order to participate or get early access.

This article will teach you how to link your WB account with Twitch.

What’s in It?

How To Link WB Account To Twitch

Step 1: Login Into WB Games Account

First, visit Warner Bros (WB) games Website. Next, tap the Login icon located in top right corner.

To log in, your username, password and email address will be required.

You should note that first, you need to create an account at Warner Bros Games.

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Step 2 – Tap the Profile Icon

After logging in to an account, click “Profile IconUsername“, located at top right.

Step 3 – Tap Account Settings

After clicking ‘Profile IconUsername, you will be able to see a dropdown. Tap on ” account setting“.

Step 4 – Tap Connect

You can now view all information concerning your  account . There will be tabs on the left such as “Account Information,” Password & Security,” Beta Management,” Connections,” Security and “WB Friends”.

Click on the ” Connect” button.

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5: Connect WB Games to Twitch.

Now, you will be able Connect account section Connections when there are many websites to connect to WB Games including Twitch.

Tap now on ” Connect,” and then ” Twitch“.

6: Please click on Continue to confirm.

When you click on “Connect” beneath “Twitch”, a popup box will open asking for consent. It will ask you for consent to link your account. You can unplug your account at any time.

To continue tap on Keep.

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Step 7 – Authorize Twitch Linking

After you confirm the linking of WB Gaming Account and Twitch To confirm that you trust , only click Authorize.

To link from the WB Gaming Account into YouTube YouTube Video Twitch please click “Authorize.”

To complete authorization, login to your Twitch Account. Register for Twitch and create an account.

Step 6 – Twitch Account is successfully linked

Once you have completed authorization, your WB Games accounts can be connected or linked with Twitch.

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