How to Jump Attack in Elden Ring & Increase Damage

How to Jump Attack in Elden Ring & Increase Damage

The jump attacks of Elden Ring not only look cool, but when you execute an intense attack using two-handed weapons, it can take a lot of the enemy’s health if you’re unsure what to do and want to know the basic steps to follow.

How to jump attack in the Elden Ring

To perform an attack jump, You must leap by pressing the button X (PlayStation) or A (Xbox) by default, after which, following that, you must press R2 or RT in order to strike. Your goal is to jump, then fly in mid-air, and at the right moment, you should hit the heavy attack button. It won’t be successful if it is done at once, and it must be switched back and forth and at the right time.

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This jump can be useful even when in the saddle of your horse. It is possible to jump or triple jump and utilize the leap of spirit to gain access to higher levels. Although the default buttons are listed above, you can change them to other buttons you feel comfortable with.

How to Increase the Damage of Jump Attacks (Claw Talisman Location)

  • To increase the damage of your jump attack, you must have the Claw Talisman.
  • It’s located at Rampart Tower, which is situated to the northwest of Caelid on the map. It is a fast travel destination.
  • If you’re at the Stormveil Castle, then head out, walk across the ledges, climb up the ladder, and then head towards the top, where you will find the remains of a dead body. Pillage the remains, and you’ll receive the Claw Talisman. As its description states, it’s a “talisman depicting a claw as well as an assassin. It also enhances leap attacks.’

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Here’s a video that demonstrates how you can reach it:

This article will explain how to perform jumping attacks within Elden Ring and boost the effect by using your Claw Talisman. For more tricks and tips, keep following Gamer Tweak.

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