How To Increase Memory Slots In Elden Ring?

How To Increase Memory Slots In Elden Ring

Learning how to improve the memory slots within Elden Ring is crucial especially if you rely heavily on the magic. But, this is a lot more difficult to say than done, particularly in the event that you’re not knowledgeable about how the game functions. To make this easier we’ve got the information you need. We will tell you everything you have to do to boost and expand your memory slots.

How to Increase Memory Slots in Elden Ring?

In order to increase and earn more Memory Slots to increase the number of Memory Slots Elden Ring, you first have to go to an Site of Grace to rest after encountering Margit. If you do this, you will arrive in Elden Ring’s Roundtable Hold.

Additionally, you can acquire memory slots in exchange for defeating bosses or opponents. The killing of certain minibosses, as well could help you obtain these slots.

As you progress, you’ll also earn memory slots by getting through Legacy Dungeons.

If you don’t want grind to get these stones, and prefer not to do all the hassle and just visit Roundtable Hold and speak to the Twin Maiden Husks.┬áThen, you can purchase one of the slots for the cost of 3000 Runes.

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There you go. That’s all you have to do to gain access on these coveted slots. As you will see, this isn’t too difficult. Although you have the option to purchase the slot you want by making a payment but we would not suggest doing this. We suggest that you take part in the game and try to win the slots. While it might seem boring, you’ll discover that it’s actually more enjoyable.

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