How To Hide Likes On Twitter | Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Hide Likes On Twitter

Engaging on social networks can allow connecting with others.

Some people do not like being seen by others and would prefer to be more private about what they do that others can see.

One of these choices is your number of likes or favorite posts on Twitter which can tell people many things about your tastes.

Additionally, Twitter will use these views to understand your tastes and suggest posts that are like the ones you enjoyed.

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How To Hide Likes On Twitter

Hide Likes On Twitter

There’s no simple method to Hide Likes On Twitter from others who are followers or not.

The only alternatives are solutions that could cause other restrictions to your account, and you should take these only if you’re determined to get rid of or hide your personal information.

Go Private To Hide Twitter Likes From Non-followers

If you do not want others to know about what you’re tweeting about, then you can keep your favorites from them.

After you’ve completed these settings the account will be private. If anyone wants to view your activities, they’ll have to follow your account.

If you make your account private, you’ll lose numerous opportunities to interact with other users and take advantage of the benefits of this open platform.

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To go private:

Hide Likes On Twitter

After logging in to your account on Twitter, navigate into your account by clicking on “profile” or the ” profile” icon at the top right-hand corner.

  • Select the dropdown menu, then find ” Settings.
  • Select ” Security and Privacy.
  • Go to ” Privacy” and then check the box next to ” Protect my Tweets.
  • Choose ” Protect” to make your tweets, likes, tweets, and replies to tweets from other people visible to only your followers.

If you choose to set your account to private, other things happen that you must be aware of.

If someone wishes to be a follower on Twitter, they need to submit a request, and you then have the option to choose to accept or decline their request to follow.

Though all of your posts, tweets, and likes are seen by your audience members, these can tweet or post comments to your tweets.

This is the choice you need to choose between greater security and fewer interactions.

When tweets are protected, they will be invisible to search engines everywhere, including Google.

If someone browses your profile, tweets, or keywords you use in the tweets you post, engines will not display your content.

Only your followers can look up your profile and tweets.

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Get Your Likes Back

Hide Likes On Twitter

If you’re looking to conceal your personal preferences on Twitter without having to make your account secret, You have another option to explore.

Log into the”Profile.” Go to your Twitter ” Profile” and click ” Favorites” from the dropdown menu.

You can now see every tweet you’ve enjoyed.

Tap and locate the exact tweet you’ve liked and want to keep, then press ” Unfavorite.

You can choose the number of tweets you want to conceal from others.

But, this may not be the best option for you because you’ll be removing the like, and nobody, even the person whose tweet you liked, will be able to view your liking.

It is possible to conceal your likes from individuals who are not the account’s owner.

In addition, you should select the tweets one by one and then remove them from your list.

How To Unfavorite All the Tweets You’ve Liked

If you choose to erase the history of your likes from Twitter, it is necessary to remove all tweets you’ve already liked.

If you’re a regular Twitter user, there could be thousands of people, and it’s not easy to remove from your list in a short time.

You can use a few things to block all the tweets you like.

Go Old-school

This traditional method is the first thought you think of to get rid of your dislikes one at a time.

You can use this method previously discussed using Twitter’s mobile app, Twitter mobile app, or the desktop browser.

Manual deletion is simple and simple.

It lets you save some of your most-loved songs. However, it can be slow and can become boring.

Furthermore, the manual deletion process has a significant drawback.

It’s impossible to access all the tweets that you’ve enjoyed.

If there are greater than 3200 tweets, you won’t be able to see the earlier ones since Twitter only shows 3,200 tweets you’ve liked.

In this instance, it is best to test different strategies.

Use The Google Chrome Console

Google Chrome console is a great tool for removing likes from tweets. Google Chrome console is ideal for eliminating likes from the huge amount of tweets.

Although it’s faster than the old method, it’s also subject to similar limitations on the number of tweets you can choose not to like.

You’re only able to access 3,200 tweets you’ve liked. The other tweets are not available.

To do so:

  • Log in to your Twitter account via Google Chrome.
  • Look for”Likes,” then click on the ” Likes” section, then click it to open the page.
  • You can press F12 to launch Chrome’s console when you’re on the page.
  • Select”Console” ” Console” tab to start it.
  • Copy “$(‘.ProfileTweet-actionButtonUndo.ProfileTweet-action-unfavorite’).click();” and paste it into the console field after removing the quotation marks.
  • Enter ” Enter” to start the script, and afterward, check the results to determine how many tweets were disfavored.

If you have any tweets left, Repeat the procedure until every like is deleted.

This is another JavaScript program that can help delete all of your Twitter likes in a matter of minutes.

Use Third-Party Apps

Because Twitter does not provide an option to erase your followers, you’ll need to use third-party tools.

The issue with these applications is they’re not all secure, and this is particularly difficult because they require access to the Twitter account.

It is essential to ensure that your app is safe to stay clear of any security and security risks.

Another issue lies in that no apps can deliver as they claim.

You may have to pay to get the service you don’t receive.

It’s essential to read the entire online reviews before buying them.

If you locate a reliable third-party tool, it’s your most efficient method to delete your most liked tweets and finish the job quickly and easily.

One of the tools that are available one of these tools is the Twitter Archive Eraser, which doesn’t have a limit of 3,200 tweets.

While it’s a paid application, you can still use this free app to remove 1,000 tweets per week.

Be aware that this app comes with only desktop versions, as do the majority of apps in this category, since mobile apps can’t allow other apps to interfere with their work.

The app does have some limitations due to Twitter’s API, which doesn’t allow access to all tweets.

Additionally, the pricing program comes with various access levels, with the option of four different pricing intervals.

As we mentioned, the free version allows you to delete the maximum number of favorites that are 2 years old.

There’s also the base package that allows you to erase more than 3,000 tweets less than four years old.

You can erase 10,000 favorite tweets less than 4 years old using the advanced option, while the Premium option allows you to erase an unlimited amount of tweeted likes without age restrictions.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download the program from the download page when you have selected your operating system, and then install it.
  • After opening the app, type in your Twitter credentials into the box for sign-in.
  • Select ” Authorize app,” which prompts you to enter an access code.
  • Input the code into the app; see the choice screen.
  • Find ” Delete Favorites” and click on it.
  • You’ll see the number of likes you’ve received and the ones you can erase.
  • Clicking ” start,” you will be able to access your entire Twitter followers. Twitter.
  • Simply click ” Next” to view all tweets the app has gathered. It will show all your favorite tweets by default, but you can choose to filter them.
  • Once you’ve finished selecting the tweets, select ” Erase selected tweets” and then click OK.
  • Once the app has been completed, its process receives a ” Success” message.


Circleboom is another well-known application that lets you bulk remove your Twitter followers.

It comes with both paid and free plans. The free plan permits you to remove up to 20 likes at one time, and the premium plan allows you to delete unlimited likes.

To access the service:

  • Log in with your Twitter account on the Circleboom login window, and you can view the analytics of your Twitter account as well as all the actions you’ve engaged in on the platform.
  • Click on ” My Tweets” from the menu that is located on the left-hand right side of the screen. select ” Unlike Tweets.
  • You can look through all the tweets you’ve liked up to now.
  • If you’re searching for an exact tweet or tweet, you can look it up using Google’s search engine.
  • You can select tweets in order or pick them all at once.
  • If you wish to erase all similar content, select ” Unlike all.

Delete Your Account

Eliminating your account on Twitter is the final option available to you.

If you need to take down your favorite accounts to protect yourself, you can remove the entire Twitter account.

If you remove the account on which you are logged, your activities, including tweets, followers, likes, and followers, will be deleted permanently.

However, if you decide to delete your Twitter account, you’ll are allowed 30 days to reinstate it since Twitter will not fully erase accounts that are deactivated until 30 days have expired.

Hiding Other People’s Likes From Twitter Feed

Because Twitter is a social network that is an open platform, it allows users to follow each other’s actions through the platform.

You’ll also see some of the tweets your followers or followers have liked on your timeline.

It can clog your timeline and show tweets and retweets that aren’t considered quality and do not want to see.

You can, however, alter the content of the timeline of your choice by applying a few adjustments to the settings.

The most effective method is to use “mute” to hide the ” Mute” option to disable menus and tweets that suggest you follow by muting hashtags or phrases, emojis, and keywords.

Here’s how to hide others’ likes on Twitter by using”mute ” Mute” option:

  • Open the Twitter app and go to ” Settings and Privacy.
  • Click to ” Muted Words,” which will provide you a prompt on Twitter that reads, ” you won’t see the muted words in your timeline or notifications.
  • Click on the + symbol and then add whatever you wish to silence.
  • You can silence one sentence or word at a given time, so for each word you wish to muffle, hit the + button at least once.

Here are a few of the most used words you can include to your muted list:

  • suggest_activity
  • suggest_pyle_tweet
  • suggest_sc_tweet
  • ActivityTweet
  • suggested_recycled_tweet_inline
  • suggest_activity_tweet
  • suggested_grouped_tweet_hashtag
  • suggest_ranked_timeline_tweet
  • suggested_rank_organic_tweet
  • RankedOrganicTweet
  • suggest_recycled_tweet
  • generic_activity_Highlights
  • suggest_recap
  • Suggest_who_to_follow

Choose what you’d like to muffle, such as phrases, keywords, or usernames.

If you click on ” Save,” you’ll be able to stop seeing the options you’ve selected on your timeline.

Note The ability to mute on Twitter isn’t case-sensitive. If you turn off ” Soccer,” SOCCER and soccer will also be muted.

When you mute a word, you’ll also mute hashtags too.

So, if you turn off soccer on Twitter, Twitter also mutes #soccer.

Mute will impact notifying tabs for including SMS and tweet replies and push notifications, and more.

Tell Twitter’s Algorithms You Don’t Want Them.

If you don’t want to see certain kinds of tweets or tweets from an individual, you can indicate this to Twitter’s algorithms.

Every tweet on your timeline includes the option in the top-right corner, which says, ” I don’t like this tweet.

It is possible to access this feature by clicking on the arrow located in the upper right-hand corner on Twitter.

If you can do enough to allow the Twitter algorithm to recognize it and recognize that you don’t wish to receive these kinds of tweets, you’ll cease getting them.

A third Twitter algorithm adds tweets it believes you’ll like onto your timeline.

The tweets will appear at your timeline’s top for a long period.

You can turn off this feature by clicking on”Privacy and Safety” under the ” Privacy and Safety Tab.

Go there to ” Content” and locate “Timeline.

Look for ” Show the best tweets first” and uncheck the box beside it.

Use An Adblocker

If you are logging into Twitter through its desktop-based application, you can utilize AdBlocker to block certain posts from Twitter.

Ad Blockers are extensions for browsers that allow you to block advertisements that show up in your browsers.

But, you can also use certain of them to block undesirable content on Twitter.

The most popular tool is AdBlock Plus, one of the Firefox plugins.

It comes with a feature known as the Element Hiding Helper to help to get rid of ” Who to Follow,” ” Trends,” ” Moments,” and ” Analytics,” along with the sponsored tweets.

But, there are a few cautions.

For instance, if, for example, you’ve tweeted tweets that contain images, sometimes it hides the tweets on your account.

If someone leaves comments on these blogs and you can’t see their comments.

To check the replies, it is necessary to look at the tweets separately.

Can People Who Like My Tweet Hide Their Names?

If someone likes your tweet, you don’t know their name.

It’s because this user has an individual profile.

The only way to find their names is if they are on the list below.

Even if you follow them once, that tweet was liked, you won’t find their username.

If you follow them, you’ll be able to observe their future activities.

It’s the same when you follow someone’s tweet even though the person isn’t a friend or has a private account.

They’ll be aware that you’ve enjoyed them; however, they can’t see your name.

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