How to get to the church of inhibition Elden ring

How to get to the church of inhibition Elden ring

If you’re looking to invade, other players within Elden Ring will want to go through the Varre questline. The mysterious NPC will grant players access to a special item known as The Bloody Finger, which will give players looking for PVP the possibility of invading other players whenever they want. Bloody Finger is not consumable. Bloody Finger is never consumed and is the best option for bloodthirsty players who want the most from Elden Ring’s ever-growing player-versus-player arena.

At one particular point of Varre’s story, the white-masked NPC in Varre’s questline will be tasked to soak the cloth in Maiden’s Blood. For those interested, there is an outlet for Maiden Blood inside the Church of Inhibition. Getting there is somewhat confusing and could be dangerous for those just beginning their journey to this part of the Lands Between. This article will show how players can get to Elden Ring to visit the Church of Inhibition in Elden Ring and collect their reward.

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How to get to the church of inhibition Elden ring?

Anyone hoping to reach Inhibition’s Church of Inhibition as early as they can face a long journey ahead. The church is north of Elden’s start region, in the Liguria of the Lakes region. The closest players can go without entering the Altus Plateau via the Grand Lift of Decius. Although it’s possible to start running directly at the beginning, it’s a longer route through some quite difficult enemies at a lower level. However, those confident about their dodge abilities during Torrent can get through The Church of Inhibition without beating the Demi-God.

Players already at The Grand Lift of Dectus can travel there and then return to Liurnia of Lakes to access the same location. Then, players will need to go left and up a small hill near the bottom of the staircase that connects up to an elevator. From there, they’ll be able to find an avenue through the forest that climbs the hill and leads to a massive tower. The tower is the place where things become fascinating since the tower has the capability of emitting Madness that slowly builds until it affects the player. The only method to prevent this Madness is to get out of sight of the tower. This is done by hiding behind trees and rocks or using the terrain to keep the tower’s eye.

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The players will want to keep going on the climb, trying to avoid getting caught in the Madness (especially at the lower levels, since it could be fatal) until they arrive at an abandoned town populated with madness-stricken enemies. Once they’ve reached that point, they’ll need to move to the opposite side of town, where they’ll come across another hill that climbs and is wrapped around. This path will eventually take them directly to The Church of Inhibition, but players should be cautious as an extremely powerful NPC Invader is waiting to snoop on those trying to enter the church.

Festering Fingerprint Vyke will jump the Tarnished when they are close to The Church of Inhibition, and it’s quite a difficult opponent when prepared. Anyone who decides to make it to this place as soon as possible is certainly in for a tough time with the swift-moving Vyke and his devastating attacks. Unfortunately, there’s no way to get into the Church of Inhibition without encountering the blood-sucking NPC. However, there are reports (as of March 16 2022) of Vyke not invading some players. It is unclear if this is due to an error or directly linked to specific owned items, bosses, or even quests remains to be determined.

After Vyke’s defeats, players can go to Vyke’s Church of Inhibition. The Maiden sitting in the chair is where they can utilize the cloth that they get from Varre, and interacting with her will give gamers a Finger Maiden armour set.

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