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How to get to moonlight altar

Moonlight Altar is one of the most intriguing locations located in Liurnia of the Lakes on the top of some cliffs that are impossible to get to avoid. Here is how to get to Moonlight Altar in Elden Ring!

In addition to those main missions, Elden Ring features many diverse side quests; some may be as long as the entire campaign itself. Ranni’s questline is most likely among the most lengthy side missions found in Elden Ring, and the one leads players towards Moonlight Altar.

However, achieving Moonlight Altar is one of the last missions in Ranni’s questline. Before that, you must take on a few bosses, including Radahn, an enemy from the campaign fight!

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How to Get to Moonlight Altar in Elden Ring

The first step is to have to go into Ranni’s Rising. Go to the northwest in Liurnia in the Lakes to locate the Kingsrealm Ruins, which have fake walls (the floor is actually). When you’ve reached the ruins, you must head to the north and take on the boss known as the Royal Knight Loretta.

After that, you’ll reach your destination, the Three Sisters area, and you must go towards a tower known as Ranni’s Rise. Once you are in the Tower, you’ll be greeted by Ranni on the upper floor. After talking to her, the questline starts.

Then, you must go towards Nokron, Eternal City; however, it’s impossible prior to defeat Radahn. Then, go toward Redmane Castle in the southeast of Caelid. But, you won’t meet him if you haven’t yet activated the Grand Lift of Dectus, which requires two sides of the Medallion.

We suggest you purchase your Glintstone key to open the door to The Grand Lift of Dectus and then go to the Medallions. The two pictures below show the locations for two parts of the Medallion: Fort Haight in Limgrave and Fort Faroth in Caelid. After you have both, make your way to Grand Lift of Dectus, place yourself in the closest circle on the ground, next in front of the two Guardian statues and Hoist the Medallion.

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You can now go towards Redmane Castle, and you will meet an NPC waiting to greet you at the beginning of Radahn’s Festival. He will guide the player to a teleporter from which you can begin your fight against Radahn.

After beating Radahn After defeating Radahn towards Nokron, Eternal City, we’ve already discussed the area in a separate guide that you can check out here!!

Below the statue of a gigantic Finger Reader, you’ll discover a room inside, which is where the Finger Slayer Blade is located. Take it and go back to the spot where you first had a meeting with Ranni last time to receive new tasks from her.

Ranni will present you with an item which is the key to unlocking Liurnia’s Divine Tower route. There is no need to visit the place, but you could take it up if you’d like.

The next stage of Ranni’s quest will be slightly later. Keep track of her location frequently until you find a Site of Grace at her home. Then, head towards the actual Ranni’s rise tower. At the top of the Tower, there’s a teleporter leading you to a secluded area in the Ainsel River.

You’ll see a Ranni doll lying on the ground when you arrive at the site. Take it, walk to the Site of Grace, and then you can talk with the doll. Repeat this repeatedly until you get a response from the doll. After that, repeat it a few times more until the doll is left with nothing to talk about.

The area is explored until you locate your way to the Nokstrella Waterfall Basin and proceed towards a reddish-foggy spot, which is where you’ll be attacked by Blaidd and killed. Will reward you with discarding the Palace Key following your encounter with Ranni in the same place.

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This key will open the chest of Rennala, queen of Full Moon’s Palace, which gives you the Darkmoon Ring.

After you have killed Blaidd, explore the area in search of an elevator that takes you to the Lake of Rot. It is possible to locate switches in the lake, which will raise small towers, allowing you to navigate to the waterfall, which is the coffin. Reaching the coffin that will play a scene is recommended, and then sending you into an encounter with Astel.

After defeating this monster, you’ll receive the Ring of Oath, and you now have all the prerequisites to head toward Moonlight Altar.

After you defeat Astel, Continue exploring until you come across an elevator that will take you into Moonlight Altar. You are now the place you’ve always always wanted to be all the time!

In order to complete Ranni’s quest to the Cathedral of Manus Celes, dive into a hole and hand over Ranni the Darkmoon Ring to Ranni to complete the quest line.

Elden Ring is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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