How to get to Jarburg with the Elden Ring

How to get to Jarburg with the Elden Ring

Jarburg in Elden Ring is a simple location that’s hidden from the rest. It also has a few questlines.

Jarburg is perhaps the most peaceful place in all of Elden Ring. Jarburg is a village inhabited entirely by Living Jars, Warrior Jars, and others who are content to keep their innards safe and grow flowers. Jarburg is linked to a few Eldenring questlines, so it’s a good stop to make during a playthrough.

Many locations in Elden Ring are out of sight. This encourages players to explore every corner of the world to find them all. Jarburg is technically available in Elden Ring, but it’s much easier to find if you’ve spent time in Liurnia of the Lakes.

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Jarburg: The Coziest Land Between

Jarburg has no residents except for Living Jars, who enjoy dancing, planting rare flowers, and relaxing on the beach. Jarburg is a great spot to harvest crafting materials and some rare flowers, such as Miquella’s Lily. Dallas will later find his way to Jarburg and play an important part in the well-being of its inhabitants.

Iron Fist Alexander hails originally from Jarburg. However, he moved to become an even stronger Warrior many years ago and has vowed never to return. He did not do it out of malice, shame, or any other motive. He simply believed that it was unhelpful to dwell on the past when “warriors’ paths” must be taken alone.

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How to get to Jarburg

Joburg can be found below the Carian Study Hall on the cliffs. However, you cannot access it via the Site of Lost Grace of that name. Instead, go to the Site of Lost Grace in southeast Liurnia. Then continue north towards Carian Study Hall. You will find a cliff to the south that has small outcropping players can climb.

You won’t be able to survive the drop normally, so you might consider using jutting stones instead. You should ride Torrent for the majority of this jumping puzzle. However, Torrent may have trouble landing on some vertical drops, so it is best to let go of the thumbstick immediately after jumping. You will find the Site of Lost Grace at the southern border of Jarburg. Jar-Bairn is likely kicking their legs on the nearby stairs without care.

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