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How to Get The Bob Badge in FnF RP

Roblox has a broad range of 3D experiences that players can make, some of which are clear copies of other games. Friday Night Funk Roleplay lets you beat your opponent. How do you earn your Bob Badge for FNFRP?

GrifyHQ invented FNFRP. An online Friday Night Funkin Roleplaying Game. GrifyHQ invented FNFRP, a game that lets players play various character types from FNFRP or mods to it on maps based on its original.

It’s a clone of the original game and performs exactly the same way. To score points, players must use the arrow keys to move in tune with the backdrop music. FNFRP offers various hidden badges, like one for Bob the devil. God.

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Friday Night Funk Roleplay

FNF’ is a game of rhythm that lets the Boyfriend compete against his girlfriend in rapping and singing contests. FNF Mods are accessible on the internet.

Roblox lets gamers make their own 3D motion game. A Friday Night Funk Roleplay game that lets gamers compete with one another in rap is one of the most popular. These options aside, the main question is, “How do I get the Bob Badge to join the FNF Rp?”

GrifyHQ created the FNFRP was developed by GrifyHQ. Players can play FNF characters and then apply mods to the map that was altered from the main game.

The game allows you to gain additional points by dragging the arrow keys across the screen and playing background music to boost the score. Bob, the goddess of death, has one of the badges hidden within this game.

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How to Get The Bob Badge in FnF RP

Bob The Bob character is an antagonist in the Friday Night Funkin’ Vs. Bob mod. Poorly drawn, the character quickly becomes angry after losing a fight to his friend. These are the steps needed to get Bob’s badge in FNFRP. Bob’s badge on FNFRP.

  • Visit Roblox and then launch Friday Night Funk Roleplay.
  • Once the game has loaded, Teleportation into the lobby into the Corn farm will be possible
  • Continue on the trail until you reach the farm. On your right side, you will find the structure.
  • It’s better not to think about it and stroll to the left till your farm is finished.
  • Here, download the flower on the floor’s rock, and then you’re all set to set off.
  • Follow the directions to the entrance. Follow the route until you get to the Bob badge.
  • Bob, Click this button to change your avatar into Evil God.
  • It’s that. You can now play Bob on FNFRP.

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How do I get the Selever badge in FNF RP?

Launch Friday Night Funk Roleplay

Utilize the teleporter to the right after you exit the lobby.

Transport into Snowdin Map Snowdin Map

The camera should be rotated until you observe the Christmas Tree from the front.

Follow it until you see no structures to the left.

Then, you should move to the left so glitters can be seen at the bottom.

You can step into the glitters and be transported to a stage-like platformer.

In order to get the award, you must play the game and climb to the top until you reach that red platform.

Then you will get returned to the lobby once you’ve obtained your badge.

Go to the foyer and take the direction that reads Morphs.

You’ll find Rob Badges to the left, just before the entranceway, which says “teleport.”

You must travel through the section to find the final badge.

Click here to download Selever.

You will receive the Selever badge if you follow the steps properly.

It is the full tutorial on how to get a Selever badge during FNFRP (Friday Night Funk Roleplay). You can also use information in our Roblox guide.

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