How to Get Someone Banned on TikTok

How to Get Someone Banned on TikTok

TikTok has specific guidelines you must adhere to when you post content on the application. Violations in violation of Community Guidelines will result in sanctions as well as account deletion. This ensures that inappropriate content is removed and TikTok keeps an environment safe and welcoming to users of all age groups.

Banning someone to be banned on TikTok cannot be done by itself. It is necessary to submit the account to the platform. Before making a report, ensure there is a legitimate justification and reason for doing so because TikTok will require this information during your process. After submitting the request, TikTok will review it over 48 hours and extend it to a full week.

There are a few things to know about the ban rules on TikTok. Bans on TikTok are typically determined by the severity of a user’s violation. The ban may be temporary, but it can be reversed, or it could be permanent and, in that case, will not be modified unless certain measures are implemented.

This guide is focused on the steps to ban someone on TikTok and the various types of bans that may apply to the platform.

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TikTok Guidelines

Tiktok is a platform with strict rules regarding the types of content allowed to upload. It is essential to follow these guidelines to ensure that you do not violate the rules and cause your account to be blocked. Please click below to read this document. Tiktok Community Guidelines.

Any content that causes harm to users or promotes illegal behavior like cruelty, nakedness, and abuse is not permitted, as per the guidelines. If you spot accounts promoting such things, You can report it to TikTok, which will either remove the Video or remove the account responsible for the offense.

TikTok is among the top social media platforms shielding users from violations. The set of rules adopted by TikTok makes it difficult for users to breach their terms of service. Banning someone from TikTok must be done only with an underlying reason in cases where you believe the user is not in compliance with some of TikTok community rules.

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Types and the Durations of the TikTok Bans

Tiktok bans are usually determined by the gravity of the crimes committed by the respective account. Have a look below.


Shadowbans are hidden or indirect bans where TikTok blocks a user’s content from appearing on other users’ feeds. The user’s content will not be displayed on other users’ ” For You ” page. The suspension could last for 1-3 days and is issued by TikTok for minor violations of the guidelines when uploading content.

Livestreaming Ban

If a user’s latest Livestream was discovered to be prohibited comments or content, TikTok could ban their account. The ban can last from 24 to up to.

Temporary Ban

Minor breaches of TikTok’s community guidelines could result in being suspended temporarily, lasting from 48 hours up to fourteen days. If you’re experiencing this through the TikTok application, you may contact TikTok support to restore the account.

Permanent Ban

A permanent ban on TikTok can be the most severe kind of restriction. It’s usually due to serious or frequent violations of the community guidelines for TikTok. This ban may be removed and/or not lifted. But you can request an appeal or a review of the ban by contacting TikTok Support via email.

How To Get Someone ban on TikTok

If you’d like to see a user’s account banned from Tiktok for possible violation, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Launch TikTok

Start with opening up the TikTok application using your mobile device. Once you have done that, log in to your profile.

Step 2: Open the Video

First, you must identify the relevant Video to TikTok to report content you believe violates the platform’s community rules.

Check out the Video and analyze the reason is for why the offending account or the content is blocked. Once you’ve established the motive and the reason for the TikTok account exclusion, you can initiate further actions.

Step 3: Hold the Screen for an extended period

The screen will be long-pressed once you’ve reached your media information (in the middle). Pressing the screen for a long time will give you a list of options for engaging with the data. The Report option is available within the menu options.

Step 4: Choose the Report

If you select the report button and click the report button, you’ll be taken to a webpage that details the reason you asked for the account to be shut down.

Step #5: Pick a Cause

A list of content that TikTok warns users not to upload or promote within its guidelines appears. Once you’ve chosen the cause from the list and drawn attention to the TikTok infractions.

Step 6: Select a Reason

You should select the second motive to report the account. There are a few available alternatives. Then, you can provide more details and then file the report.

Step 7: Include your report

The submit icon will pop on the screen after completing all the steps mentioned above. To transmit the report, click the submit button.

Step #8: Verify Your Reporting

You’ll be able to exit the page or view your reports once you’ve submitted your report. You can check if your report was submitted successfully by clicking “View Report” and looking through your submitted reports on TikTok.


These are the most basic steps you can follow to ban someone on TikTok. As we mentioned earlier, it isn’t possible to directly have someone’s account suspended on TikTok. However, you may submit the user account to TikTok that is reviewed over 48 hours, extending until the end of the week.

No matter the reason for wanting to have someone’s account removed, be sure to provide a valid explanation, particularly when you’ve found that the person breached any of the TikTok guidelines for community members. When you have this established, your request is most likely to succeed.

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