How to get Rainbow Pandas in Blooket (100% working)

How to get Rainbow Pandas in Blooket (100% working)

Blooks are what kids love about the Blooket game modes . These small amusing creatures or animals can be used to represent the players in the games.

Also, a Blook refers to a character that is used as an icon for both the player (and their enemies).

Blooket’s educational website has many Blooks, in various grades and types.

These two categories are used to categorize these amazing avatars on the site: rarity, and boxes. Blooks can be arranged by rarity using the dashboard, while Market organizes them into specific boxes like Bot box (Safari box), Aquatic box (Medeval box), Wonderland box, Wonderlandbox, and others.

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Blooks may be free in the Blooks menu. Other Blooks must be bought using tokens earned. All the unique blooks available in the Marketmenu are locked.

Participants must correctly answer questions to win tokens.

This post was created solely for educational purposes. The tricks to get rainbow blook were individually tested by our hacking team. We are confident that they will all work.

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How to Get Rainbow Panda in Blooket

There two reasons that every player desires for rainbow paddy. The first is its unique appearance. You can choose from a range of colors to make it your own. It may be possible to sell it and receive 300 tokens at once. Let’s now learn how to obtain this.

Blooket has the Rainbow Panda locked in the Safari Box, which costs 25 tokens. Because it is one among the rarest of the chroma looks, with a 0.02 percentage drop rate, players cannot get it by default. The lowest drop rate means that it is extremely unlikely that you will ever obtain it, much like Tropical Globe.

This is a rare blook that has the lowest drop rate and requires a lot of luck, dedication and perseverance to obtain. It is possible to obtain it indirectly. Please read the next heading.

How to get rainbow-colored panda blooks in blooket by hacking methods

We spent hours researching how to get Rainbow Panda in Blooket. After many failed attempts, we finally discovered a 100% working blooket hack . This allowed us to obtain the rarest blooket look.

Although the method does not unlock Rainbow blook directly, it does indirectly. The hack scripts allow you to add thousands more tokens to your blooket and use those tokens to unlock Safari Box, i.e. rainbow pa.

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It was amazing to see that Rainbow panda came out of Safari box after only a few investments tokens. We hope you are interested in the step by step instructions to obtain this trait. Without further delay, let us get started.


To simplify things, we divided the process into two steps. Both steps must be followed. This will make getting rainbow blook much easier if you do all of these steps correctly.


  • Copy the Github hacking software by visiting this webpage . If you can’t access the page, then you might not have signed up on Github. [Complete the signup process to proceed]. The code is important because we will use it later to add tokens, so we can unlock Safari box.
  • After you have copied the code log in to your account.
  • On the Blooket dashboard click Marketmenu icon. If you already have an account, log in and browse the Blooket Market webpage .
  • Right-click anywhere to select Inspect.
  • Double-click on the option console from the panel.
  • Paste Github code wherever the cursor moves. Then hit enter.
  • Now, you will see a popup notification. Click “OK.”
  • Reloading the market page will add approximately 500 tokens to your account.
  • Keep going until you have 4000 tokens. Once you have sufficient money, you are able to move on to the second step.


Spend your money in the Safari box to unlock Rainbow Panda. It is the rarest look with very little chance of ever being found. Keep trying to get tokens to unlock the blook. You will surely be able to unlock this special Blook with just a few more efforts.

The same goes for other blooks. You can get legendary, legendary, and mystical blooks.

You can also collect tokens by correctly answering each question in a game called blooket. To quickly collect tokens, we recommend using the blooket answer hacks as described in one previous post.


There are other hacking strategies that can be used to help you get all blooks. In one of our older posts, we discussed these hacks. We are confident that you will be able to unlock rainbow look in blooket using one of these methods. Best of luck!

Wrapping up

That’s it. This is how you get the rainbow paddy blook. This question is about hacking Blooket.

Chris Evan was born in Dubai and raised in Montreal. He studied Computer Science and was so pleased with computer languages. He began writing after obsessing over technology.

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