How To Get Kukri Daggers In Elden Ring

How To Get Kukri Daggers In Elden Ring

It is believed that the Kurki daggers have been classified as consumable objects within the Elden Ring, even though they can be utilized to make weapons.

The throwing daggers make great additions to any assassination or stealthy build. This powerful weapon will cause blood loss if enough are employed to build up.

The players can spot a handful of them in Elden Ring. They’re scattered around corpses within The Lands Between and can be bought from one merchant within the Weeping Peninsula region.

Where to obtain Kukri throwing daggers in Elden Ring

The Kukri throwing daggers aren’t considered¬†weapons in the Elden Ring.¬†This means that they are not upgraded with or using Ash of War or any Smithing Stones.

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Instead, they are consumables that can be thrown at enemies to cause much damage.

This is well-known thanks to the description of daggers in-game:

“A large knife used for throwing. Its curved blade is sharp enough to slice flesh cleanly. Throw at enemies to inflict damage and build up the onset of blood loss. This heavy-throwing weapon is unsuitable for swift attacks but can inflict heavy damage. “

There are five locations where you can find the Kukri throw daggers found inside the Elden Ring. Certain of them are just static encounters, whereas some allow farming and collecting several stacks of the item.

These are the locations:

  • It is possible to purchase the sum of 60 Runes for each at the Nomadic Merchant on the eastern side of the Weeping Peninsula
  • The six Kukri throwing daggers are taken from a dead body in the Glinstone Dragon Smarag Liurnia of the Lakes
  • At Stormveil Castle, A dagger can be seen on the roof, above the Commoner, who is the one who does the Grace imitation
  • In the vicinity of a fire north-east of Church of Elleh in Limgrave, there is a Kukri dagger
  • Five Kukri throwing daggers fall out of defeated Vulgar Militiamen at The Miners’ Caves, which lie between the Ruin-Strewn Precipice and Ravine-Veiled and those along the road through the Forbidden Territories and The Grand Lift of Rold.

The cost of 60 Runes each at the Weeping Peninsula vendor will result in them stacking quickly. However, harvesting them from the Vulgar Militiamen could be the best choice for those looking to acquire a lot of Kukri throwing daggers. By putting Vulgar Militiamen in the ring, you will allow the daggers to be used in the Elden Ring (Image via FromSoftware Inc.)

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Backstabbers who attack the Vulgar Militiamen who are in the opposite direction could result in them falling without being retaliated against. This is by far the best way to get the daggers out of Elden Ring.

When they are acquired and put to use when they are used, it is important to be aware that they increase with strength as well as Dexterity. The higher these two statistics have, the greater risky they are. Kukri throwing daggers can become.

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