How to Get Into Lennes Rise Elden Ring

How to Get Into Lennes Rise

There are numerous locations and landmarks that can be found in The Lands Between and the Elden Ring. One of the most frequent landmarks you will find is Rises towers, which typically require only a few steps access.

A tower is referred to as Lenne’s Rising and is a bit different from the other towers in terms of how players can access it. This guide will show you how to gain access to the Lenne’s Rise within Elden Ring.

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How To Get Into Lennes Rise In Elden Ring

Leene’s Rise is located in the northeast of scarlet-rotted Caelid. You must travel to the region of the map depicted below to find Lenne’s Rising. Lenne’s Rise Rises can be found scattered around the map, and typically contain a puzzle to be solved in order to get there.

There are some that have a small book held in the form of a stone goblin just outside the entrance, giving you the answer to the above puzzle. In Lenne’s Rise it is possible to find the goblin’s statue damaged which means that getting into Lenne’s Rise’s tower by normal means can’t be achieved.

Luckily, the best way to enter Lenne’s Rise is quite easy. Find the right side of the front entryway of the Rise there is an energy spring that could use with the Torrent to fly up into the sky. Then, jump into the air using Torrent using the sprint springs to reach the roof as shown below. From there, you can drop onto the balcony and get to the Rise.

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What Is Inside Lenne’s Rise?

Truthfully Lenne’s Rise does not have many great items to pick up. You can find an Faded Erdleaf Flower and Glingtsone Fireflies However, it’s not the reason you’re here.

The most significant item in the Lenne’s Rise can be found in Lenne’s Rise’s Memory Stone that you will discover inside an chest. The chest you’re looking for is on top of the tower.

Memory Stones are dark, captivating stones that are sought-after by the sorcerers who create the stones. They are believed to be stones are fragments from the moon’s black that once stood over the Eternal City.

Each item you purchase will increase the total memory slots by one. This means that you can make an extra spell for every Memory Stone you find.

The bottom part of Lenne’s rise close to the entrance sealed there is the Arcane Sphere of Faces -also known as the School of Graven Mages according to a few Talismans.

Evidently, these objects bear faces that look like the stone masks worn by the Raya Lucaria Academy. Arcane Sphere of Faces is utilized to protect areas that are that are related to sorcery. They are astonishedly uncommon and extremely unconventional enemies.

Many fans believe that they are the result of a magic involving glintstone that has gone wrong.

Final Thoughts

“Lenne’s” Rise is sealed and because the statue that is in front of it is damaged It doesn’t appear that you’ll be able to open the magical door.

Given that there’s the Arcane the Sphere of Faces inside the building and we are able to conclude that something went horribly wrong in Lenne’s Rise.

There’s nothing important inside this building, except for the Memory Stone at the top of the main tower. Take a climb all the way to there and then open the chest until you find it.

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