How to Get Eagle Eye in COD? Easy Ways

How to Get Eagle Eye in COD?  

COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal: Season 10 provides a wealth of no-cost cosmetic alternatives to COD Mobile players. Most of the free cosmetics are derived from regular Seasonal and featured events. The seasonal events are held all through the year, while featured events change each week.  

How to Get Eagle Eye in COD? The players from BR Supremacy have a quest to obtain a COD Mobile Eagle Eye medal in time for seasonal events. The game modes available in COD Mobile have a ton of medals, online multiplayer battle royale and zombies that are now known as “an undead siege”.

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COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal: Explained In Short:    

 The COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal is among the most difficult to get in the game. This is how we can earn this award for ourselves.  

 Within Call of Duty, there are a variety of medals available, which include one called the Eagle Eye medal. Mobiles are available to obtain. In this article, we’ll cover all that is needed to know concerning this medal. COD Eagle Eye medal & how to acquire it.  

 COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal are essentially accomplishments which players can obtain by fulfilling specific tasks in-game. If we meet the requirements of a medal and requirements, it will be included in our inventory.  

 Players can earn a range of medals for mobile players by completing certain game missions. The Eagle Eye Medal is one of the more than 86 medals in the battle royale game at present.  

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COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal: How to Lock Eagle Eye?    

 Players should first know how to get the award in order to obtain it. The COD Mobile, Eagle Eye Medal, is available by killing a person during Battle Royale mode with a weapon that does not have a scope of at least 75 metres. Remember this: Warfare Mode is the place where you can get this award.  

 When playing COD Mobile, they must complete this mission in the Blackout or isolated maps. Without an objective, it’s difficult to take down an opponent at an altitude of over 75 meters. If you use these tips, you can complete the task quickly:  

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 1.) Participate in lobby matches, where we could meet a variety of AI bots. Because these bots are easier to defeat than real adversaries, completing the challenge is much easier.  

 2.) Utilize a marksman rifle, for example, an SKS or any other weapon that can do a ton of damage over a long distance. LMGs feature a massive magazine capacity, which means that they are a good option for those who feel they’re not comfortable using marksman rifles.  

 3.) If you see an opponent in the distance, Mark them in order to ensure the opponent is at least metres away. If this is done, the players are able to complete the challenge faster than if they were fighting at a distance throughout the duration.  

 4.) Instead of using the weapons that are found in the box and floor loot, try to take out the more precise loadout drop weapons. When the game is unlocked, then you will see the COD Eagle Eye medal will show up on the screen, and from the menu at the top, users will be able to check how many medals they’ve earned in their profile of achievements.  

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How to Get Eagle Eye in COD?  

To earn the COD Mobile Eagle Eye Medal, the enemy must be killed within 75 metres of us without the aid of a scope. This excludes Warfare mode. It is only possible to be able to complete the mission in a battle royale as the medal can only be obtained within that mode. When you go to the medal section of the player, players can also check out the amount of Eagle Eye medals we have at present.  

Utilize your smartphone to launch Call of Duty Mobile. Start the battle royale game. You can kill an opponent that is at a distance of more than 75 meters without using a scope. An Eagle Eye medal will be completely yours once the goal is achieved.  

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