How to Get Discord Beta Version | Discord About Me 2022

Discord began rolling out its latest update, which is called “About Me,” as a beta feature for many users.

If you think about what you can do to access an account on the Discord About Me beta and how to get discord beta, alter and modify your profile, this article will show how you can accomplish it and whether it’s accessible on Mobile.

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How to Get Discord About Me Beta Feature (2022)

Get Discord Beta

Do you have access to the About Me beta test? The good news is that the Discord about Me beta testing is currently offered to users in random order. Users are randomly selected since it’s still at the beta testing stage.

However, you won’t be able to have the bio feature you want if you become a beta or alpha tester. Note that if you already have this feature, then do not join the nitrogen user at this point because the “About Me’ beta feature will be removed from you.

About Me in Discord About Me will be rolled out and accessible to all users shortly time, but for now, it’s in the beta testing stage. Don’t fret that you’ll get it very soon. There’s no other alternative than to be randomly selected by the selection system.

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How to Add, Change & Edit About Me Bio on Discord?

Get Discord Beta

Here’s how you can change your bio and About Me on Discord:

Change the way you look by clicking the Profile Photo.

  1. It is located in the lower-left corner of your display.
  2. Click on About Me.
  3. You can add emojis to your about me page by clicking Emoji.
  4. Enter your information in “About Me and click on Save. Then click Save.

To update Your ‘About Me’ area to edit your ‘About Me’ section, follow these easy steps in the following steps:

  1. Select your Profile Photo.
  2. Click on About Me.
  3. It will let you modify it.
  4. To remove your profile to clear your profile, simply click the icon that says X icon next to the About Me section.

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How to Get About Me Bio on Discord on Mobile?

Get Discord Beta

At present, you can get access to the Discords About Me feature of Discord only on your desktop. This article will be updated when it becomes accessible on Mobile too.

That’s all you must be aware of how to access the Discord About Me Beta. If you’d like to learn more tricks and tips, check out the discord guides.

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