How to Fix Network Error Code 408 in US Cellular

Fix Network Error Code 408

Is it possible to use the US Cellular mobile network and receive an Network Error Code 408? Are you getting a “No Service” message on your phone? Many users are seeing this error on their phones.

This article will explain why your phone displays this error and how to fix it. US Cellular is America’s fourth-largest mobile operator. US Cellular has more than 5 million subscribers across 23 states.

US Cellular switched from 1xRTT technology to EVDO technology, supporting 3G speeds. The new technology offers many benefits for subscribers. Some users may encounter the 408 error code when using their phones.

We can help you understand what the error is and how to resolve it quickly using simple troubleshooting steps.

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What is Network Error Code 408 For US Cellular Phone Number?

Fix Network Error Code 408

US Cellular customers reported seeing a 408 error code appear on their phones’ screens. The error code causes users to be unable to make calls, use SMS or mobile data services or make calls. US Cellular subscribers also experience weak or no signal.

US Cellular’s mobile network services are available in many states across the US. This means that error 408 is most common in certain areas. It is more of a geo-restricted issue, which led us to suspect that US Cellular towers in particular areas could have issues that cause the error.

Why is My Phone Showing a 408 Error?

Subscribers cannot find any information about why this error occurs. The error code does not have an explanation on the US Cellular website. However, it could be due to temporary US Cellular service disruptions.

Service outages can occur due to maintenance, upgrade or technical problems with US Cellular telecom equipment. The US Cellular service outage is usually fixed within a few hours.

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How Can I Fix Error 408 on US Cellular?

Fix Network Error Code 408

Most often, error 408 is caused by a problem with the US Cellular network. You can fix the problem yourself before calling US Cellular and waiting for them to respond. The following steps can be used to fix the error from your cell phone.

Restart your phone

Restarting your phone is the first thing you can do to fix the US Cellular error code 408. Restarting your device can fix temporary bugs and start fresh logs. This simple fix was sufficient to correct the problem for most US Cellular customers.

Verify your phone’s settings

Your phone should automatically connect to your network. Sometimes, however, your phone’s software may have a problem, and your device cannot find your network. This issue can be fixed manually.

Navigate to “Mobile Networks” in the Settings menu on your mobile phone. Next, tap on “Network Operators” and manually choose the US Cellular Network provider. Next, reset the cell phone to see if it fixes the problem.

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Upgrading your phone software

Fix Network Error Code 408

You could be facing the 408 error if you’re using an older version of your phone software. It is important to make sure your phone software is up-to-date. First, tap on Settings and then scroll down until you see Software Update to check your phone’s software.

To update your phone’s software, you can tap on the update icon. The error should be corrected, and your phone will be automatically restarted.

For service outage information, click here.

This error code 408 is most common when US Cellular experiences a service interruption. To check if US Cellular is experiencing an outage, you can use Downdetector. You can also check the comments section to see if anyone else is experiencing voice, text or broadband problems in your area.

If the service goes down, be patient and let US Cellular’s technical staff fix it.


The exact cause of the US Cellular error code 408 is unknown, but it could have something to do with the network outage. This guide should have helped you resolve the issue before contacting the US Cellular helpdesk.

If US Cellular is unavailable in your area, your phone may need to be restarted once the service is restored. Enjoy your day!

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