How To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-4-8?

Fix Netflix Error Code NW-4-8

Netflix Error Code N-4-8: Netflix is a well-known and widely used OTT platform. However, every software and platform can experience errors. It’s inevitable. Error Code Nw-4-8 is one of the most common errors in Netflix.

Netflix users have experienced this error and want to learn more about Netflix Error Code NW-4-8. Continue reading to learn more about Netflix Error code NW-4-8 and fix it.


Netflix, Inc., a subscription streaming company and production company based in the United States, is Netflix Inc. Netflix was established on August 29, 1997. It has a collection of films and TV series and its productions known as Netflix Originals. Netflix is undoubtedly one of the most successful OTT platforms.

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Netflix Error Code NW-4-8

Netflix is one of the most popular and widely used OTT platforms, with over 500,000 active users. There are always errors. It’s normal. Error Code UI-802-2 is one of the error codes that Netflix uses. Netflix users have experienced this error. They want to find out what Netflix Error Code N-4-8 means. You can read the rest of this article to learn what Netflix Error Code NW-4-8 actually means and how to fix it.

What Does Netflix Error Code N-4-8 Mean?

Error Code NW-4-8 is one of the error codes for Netflix. Netflix users are often greeted with the error code Netflix Error Code NW-4-8. They would like to understand what Netflix Error Code N-4-8 actually means.

Netflix Error Code NW-4-8 refers to a network or connection error. Netflix says that the Netflix Error Code NW-4-8 means that data on your device must be refreshed or that there is a problem with your network connection. Netflix users will see the Error Code NW-4-8 whenever their data needs to be refreshed or when there’s a network connectivity problem.

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How to Fix Netflix Error Code N-4-8

Verifying the Internet Connection

How To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-4-8?

A poor network can also cause the Netflix Error Code NW-4-8. Accessing the App requires a reliable and stable internet connection. You can fix this issue by either using high-speed internet, WiFi, or a router.

Clear Cache and Cookies

Clearing the cache and cookies is recommended if you receive the Netflix Error Code NW-4-8. This can be done by going to the App’sApp’s settings, finding the cache cleaner, and then clicking Clear Data.

Update Netflix App

You should upgrade your Netflix app to the most current version if you encounter the Netflix Error Code NW-4-8. Verify whether the latest version is installed.

Re-Login to Netflix

How To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-4-8?

Sometimes, re-logging into Netflix and removing your Netflix account can resolve the problem. To fix the Netflix Error Code NW-4-8, you can also remove your account and re-login to Netflix.

Restore default connection settings

If you have made any changes to the connection settings in order to fix the Netflix Error code NW-4-8, restore them to their default settings.

  • Custom modem settings.
  • Proxy service settings or Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Configure your DNS settings.

If you have any questions about the settings, contact the manufacturer.

Restart the Device

How To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-4-8?

Most issues can be fixed by simply restarting the device. This applies to any Blu-ray player or Roku. Each device will require the exact same procedure.

  • Turn off the device.
  • Unplug the power.
  • After 10-15 seconds, or for a maximum of 1 minute, plug the device back into the power
  • Start Netflix again.

To fix the Error Code NW-4-8, it’s good to restart your device.

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