How to Fix Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error

Fix Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error

Discord 502 could cause a bad gateway error that can ruin your online gaming night with your friends. Here’s how to Fix Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error.

The World Wide Web has made gaming accessible to everyone. Multiplayer online gaming has become a rage. It is important to be able to communicate with your fellow gamers.

There are many VoIP services that allow you to communicate via the internet. Discord is the only one that is created by and for gamers. Discord offers great features such as the ability to share your screen and join certain communication channels. You can even use the old chat boxes.

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What’s the 502 bad Gateway error on Discord

Fix Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error

The 502 bad gateway error, which is common with web services and websites, is something that you have probably seen a lot if you’ve been using the internet for a while. Different websites also call this error “502 proxy error”, “HTTP 502 error”, or “Temporary error (502)”.

The 502 bad gateway error refers to the web service and is usually beyond the reach of the user when it comes to resolving. The error can usually be fixed using a web browser. However, Discord cannot do the same. You will need to look for other ways to fix it.

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Fix Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error

Here’s how to overcome the 502 gateway error that keeps appearing for Discord users:

Solution No.1 – Check Discord server status

Fix Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error

Cloudflare is responsible for Discord’s VoIP service. If there is an issue with Cloudflare servers, it directly affects Discord. Cloudflare errors have been causing Discord 502 bad gateway errors over the last few years due to unusual internet usage or the deployment of faulty upgrades.

  1. Go to the Discord Downdetector webpage (link Here).
  2. This page will show you all Discord problems reported in the last 24 hours.
  3. You can also report problems here.

It could indicate a widespread issue if there is an unusually high number of Discord cases being reported. In this instance, it is best to wait for the development team to resolve the issue.

Solution No.2 – End Discord.exe

Fix Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error

Discord may be working well for you and your team members. You can clean up the Discord app and start over. Discord runs in background mode, so closing it might not work. To fix this, close the Task Manager and restart the process.

  1. Click the Start icon to search for Task Manager.
  2. Navigate to Task Manager and search for Discord in the list of background processes and apps.
  3. To kill the Discord app service, right-click the icon and click the End Task button.

Now you can launch the app again to verify that the Discord 502 bad Gateway error has been fixed.

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Final Words

While the Discord bad gateway 502 error may appear to be an internal problem, it is one of the most common server problems. You can either wait for it to resolve or, in the worst scenario, reinstall Discord to check if the problem persists.

Did you manage to resolve the connectivity problem with Discord using the above solutions? Please let us know by commenting below.

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