How to Fix a Black Screen on For Honor | Easy Ways

Fix a Black Screen on For Honor

You may experience an unresponsive Black screen while trying to play Ubisoft’s multiplayer action game For Honor.

You will be able to still see the cursor if there is a crash, but the game will not respond. If the screen remains inactive, it means that you have the Black screen problem

If your computer crashes and then displays a blank screen, you may have no other choice than to restart it.

We have compiled this guide to help you understand the causes of the Black Screen on For Honor and give you all the information you need.

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Why is For Honor using a Black screen for its logo?

Black Screen on For Honor

If the program crashes on launch, For Honor will display a black screen. You will also notice that the sound is absent.

The screen does not display any error codes, so it is difficult to determine what is causing the glitch. This happens when you use Windows 10, which can cause conflicts with the operating system or the Steam DRM transition.

(Did You Know: Honor began its development in 2012! )

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How to fix the Black Screen on For Honor

How to Fix a Black Screen on For Honor | Easy Ways

The best way to fix the Black screen bug is to download the latest patch for Honor. Make sure you get the patch from Ubisoft’s official site .

Relaunch the game after installing the patch. If the game still isn’t responding, try these steps. Once you have completed each step, restart your computer or laptop. Then check if the game loads again.

Step 1.. Find the executable icon that you want to honor. Select the settings for all users and change the compatibility tab. The privilege level heading will appear. To apply, just left-click the program and run it as administrator.

Step 2. Drag the “Forhonor”, folder from Uplay to the Steam common folder. Once you have downloaded Steam, it will automatically locate the files.

Step 3. Reinstall the game in another directory on your hard drive

You will need to copy the “ForHonor” folder from Uplay to steam/common and rename it “For Honor”. Next, download steam to locate the files.

Step 4. Make sure your Steam client is up-to-date to the latest version

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Nvidia keeps honor from crashing on it

How to Fix a Black Screen on For Honor | Easy Ways

After playing for honor for about 20 minutes, you might find that the application crashes suddenly. This can be caused by an old Nvidia graphics driver. Update your card to correct this problem.

You can optimize performance and playability by making sure that you have the right hardware to run Honor at its highest settings. Here are the specifications required to enjoy the game.

Honor recommends the following specifications

It is highly recommended that you ensure that your hardware and software are up-to-date in order to use For Honor at its best setting.

OS – Operating systemWindows 10 64-bit only

ProcessorAMD 5 1400 @3.2GHz, Intel Core I5-7500 @3.4GHz or equivalent


Video cardAMD Radeon 580 (4 GB), NVIDIA GeForce 1060 (3 GB), and better

Sound cardDirectX9.0c compatible sound card

Hard drive 90 GB available storage direct version 9.0c

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Ubisoft has yet to make a statement about the Black screen glitch. We hope that our five suggestions will resolve your Black screen problem and allow you to continue enjoying this amazing game.

Make sure you update all drivers for your applications. A bug could be caused by outdated software or hardware.

To ensure that the game is always fresh and entertaining, the developers are constantly creating new content. It is crucial to ensure your For Honor game client is current in order to avoid crashing due to an old version.

You can still contact Ubisoft via their support page .

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