How to Find Liked Posts on Facebook 2022 | Easy-to-follow Guide

Find Liked Posts on Facebook

Do you want to discover or Find Liked Posts on Facebook? You’ve come to the right article to learn the easiest method to accomplish this. We will provide all the ways to search for popular posts that are liked on Facebook Main App and The Lite App (iPhone and Android) or by using Facebook’s desktop mode. Facebook desktop version.

Facebook is awash with content uploaded daily. It’s often difficult to locate that fascinating image, video or content that you like. The best method to find content is to probably like the post, making it more accessible.

However, finding posts that are liked isn’t easy in the event that you aren’t sure which direction to go. Let’s look at this in more detail.

How do I Find Liked Posts on Facebook? How do you find liked posts on Facebook? The method to find liked posts is to go into the Activity Log and select the “Likes and Reactions” option. This will show you an inventory of all posts that you’ve liked.

Let’s take a look, including the steps involved and pictures.

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How to Find Liked Posts on Facebook Main App

How to Find Liked Posts on Facebook 2022 | Easy-to-follow Guide
  1. The Facebook App home page navigate to your profile by clicking on the profile picture
  2. Simply click on three horizontal dots below the profile photo to access options.
  3. Scroll down, and then choose “Activity Log” (bullet list icon) from the options menu.
  4. Then, tap the “Filters” tab
  5. Then, tap “Categories.”
  6. Then, tap “Interactions” from the choices. You will be able to access reactions, likes, comments, etc.
  7. Next, click on the”Likes “Posts or Comment” option to filter only the comments and posts.

It will display the entire history of posts you’ve enjoyed, including photos, videos pages, messages, etc. You can also unblock the likes on any post by clicking on the three dots that are next to it. This opens a menu offering the option to un-like.

The procedure to do similar things on Facebook’s App Lite App is explained below. The process is identical to that of the Facebook Lite App.


How to find Liked posts on Facebook, the Lite App

How to Find Liked Posts on Facebook 2022 | Easy-to-follow Guide

These are steps you can follow to discover posts liked on Facebook. Facebook Lite App

  1. In your Facebook App, Page Home Page Go to your profile.
  2. Just click on three horizontal dots right next to the profile picture to display the settings
  3. Scroll down to choose “Activity Log” from the list of options.
  4. Press “Filters”
  5. Next, click on “Categories.”
  6. On the next screen, select “Interactions” from the options list.
  7. Then, tap the ” Posts and Comments” option to filter likes.

Then you’ll be shown the complete list of articles you’ve enjoyed.

What is the best way to find posts liked on Facebook Desktop?

How to Find Liked Posts on Facebook 2022 | Easy-to-follow Guide

Finding liked posts is exactly identically regardless of whether you’re doing it on Facebook desktops. There’s a slight distinction in the process.

To discover posts with liked status to be found on Facebook Desktop mode, follow these steps:

  • On the Home Page, click on the triangle with an inverted shape to launch the menu
  • Choose “Settings and Privacy” from the option list.
  • Then, click “Activity Log.”
  • Then click on the “Filter” link that is just below it.
  • Then, select “Likes as well as Reactions” from the list of options.
  • Select “Save Modifications”

It will display a chronological list of images, videos, pages, etc., you’ve enjoyed in order from the most recent to the oldest.

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Wrapping up

Here are the ways to discover the most liked posts, including photos, videos and more, on Facebook. If you come across posts that you liked, you may unfollow them by clicking the three dots beside the post.

This is a much better option than trying to locate manually through the plethora of posts making use of search options like the Facebook Search bar. Utilize the activity log, which keeps the details of your every action, like and comment on Facebook.

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