How to Find and Finish Great-Jar’s Challenge in Elden Ring

How do you find and finish The Great-Jar's Challenge in Elden Ring

Here’s how you can get this Great-Jar Arsenal Talisman

In the middle of Elden Ring’s hazardous, toxic swamp — which is known as Caelid you’ll come across a massive Jar that is guarding the castle. The character is aptly called “The Great Jar” and you’ll probably be able to see them for the very first time from the cliff face with a view of the area he’s sitting on near The small Erdtree towards the West.

The jar can take a while to get to, and presents an arduous task for you after you have reached. But the reward, the mighty Great-Jar Arsenal Talisman is worth the effort.

We’ll show you how to meet The Great-Jar, and explain why you should take his challenge seriously.

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The Great-Jar is located in the northern region of Caelid located in northern Caelid, and is situated on top of the semi-circle castle located at high on the map of the region. If you attempt to leap into these from Minor Erdtree or anywhere else it will result in death instantly. If you’d like to get to The Great-Jar, you have follow a certain way.

Take a trip towards The The Siofra River well (which is accessible by elevator near Mistwood’s minor Erdtree located in Mistwood) then then head to the north as far as you can in the lower level. You’ll eventually come across an elevator that will take you to The Great-Jar’s chasm. Take it up.

When you are back in Caelid Follow the road ahead, destroying the giants by bows on the way. Once you have reached The Great-Jar, talk to them.

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After you have spoken about the Great-Jar (they never respond) they will only do so by responding with “…”), turning around) look at you from behind. You’ll notice three summoning signposts placed on the ground. Each one summons an NPC that has the name ” Knight of the Great Jar,” and all of them will be using the randomization of an unidentified player.

It is your responsibility to take on all three AI opponents one at each time. You’ll be unable to go home or refill your flasks in an area of grace between the three. If you pass away in the chasm, you’ll have to walk across the chasm a second time.

Because the battle is random, you’ll not be able to plan for it. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll eventually encounter adversaries with loadouts more vulnerable to yours. Continue to work hard and you’ll soon be able to defeat all three. You can make the fight more enjoyable by not being online since it won’t take advantage of real players’ better-designed builds.

After you have finished the fight When you are done, talk with The Great-Jar. He will hand you your Great-Jar’s Arsenal Talisman. The Talisman boosts you Max Equip Load by 19 percent, which makes it suitable for players of medium weight who would like to put on additional defensive armor pieces.

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