How to Find Echo Shards In Minecraft? Easy Ways

Find Echo Shards In Minecraft

Echo Shards are necessary when you are planning to create a recovery compass. 

While it’s a material that has a “common” rarity, getting access to it could be difficult. 

To save you time this article will explain how to Find Echo Shards In Minecraft swiftly.

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How to Find Echo Shards In Minecraft?

How to Find Echo Shards In Minecraft? Easy Ways
  • To find Echo Shards To find them, players must visit The Ancient City found in the Deep Dark biome of the Overworld. Within this biome, players will find the chests with loot that you must open in order to acquire Echo Shards (and it’s the only place you can get the items).
  • If you’ve never been to this location before, this article will give you some details about The Deep Dark. It’s a cave that is darkly illuminated biome within the underground zone. It’s the only one in which it is possible to find Ancient Cities. So, while exploring, if you see Sculk blocks Shriekers, Sculk veins, as well as Catalysts and Sensors You’re inside The Deep Dark.
  • Be aware that even though there aren’t any creatures within the biome, it’s best not to engaging your Sculk Shrieker. If that occurs frequently, the Warden will appear, giving players the dark effects.
  • There’s no sunshine in this region, save to Sculk Catalysts and Lava.
  • When you arrive at the biome that you’ve been to, look around in several chests to find more than few Echo Shards.

What exactly are Echo Shards?

  • Echo Shards can be used to develop the. There is one recipe that utilizes Echo Shards, and that is the Recovery Compass. More items will likely to be added lateron, which are possible to make with Echo Shards. These are the things you can create using Echo Shards.

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Craftable objects of all kinds with the help of Echo Shards

How to Find Echo Shards In Minecraft? Easy Ways
  • Recovery Compass Requires eight Echo Shards, Compass

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