How to Find Contacts on Twitter In Easy Steps

Find Contacts on Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic platform to keep up-to-date with the latest developments and latest information worldwide. It can, however, seem daunting when you don’t know where to start with the platform.

If you’re trying to Find Contacts on Twitter and connect with them, the platform provides a unique method. And this is how you can benefit from it.

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What is Contact Sync on Twitter?

Contact sync is an option available on Twitter that allows you to connect your phone contacts to Twitter. This lets you search for your acquaintances and friends on Twitter. This is a great way to expand your circle of friends and make the most of the site.

How do you locate your Twitter contacts? Twitter

Find Contacts on Twitter

You can find your contacts on Twitter effortlessly by synchronizing your existing contacts with Twitter. Twitter will then utilize your contacts’ telephone numbers and email addresses to locate those on its platform.

By enabling Contact sync on Twitter, you will begin receiving suggestions based on your contacts. This is all you have to do. Let Twitter suggest contacts in an automatic way.

This article will show you how to allow contact sync to Twitter for iPhone, Android, and PC (web) to allow Twitter to assist you in finding people on its platform.

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How do I activate Contact Sync on Twitter?

Here’s how to activate Contact Sync on Twitter, depending on your current device. Follow the steps below to begin.

Method 1: On Android

Find Contacts on Twitter

Open Twitter and click on your profile icon located in the upper left corner of your screen.

Tap on Settings or privacy’.

Select ‘Privacy & Safety’.

Then, tap on ‘Discoverability’ as well as contacts.’

You can turn on the toggles to the following options in your display.

  • You can be found via your email
  • You can be found on your mobile

Also, turn on the following toggle, and give the contact permissions you need at the point of being asked.

  • Address book contacts synchronized.

That’s it! You’ve now turned on the sync of your contacts to your Twitter account. After Twitter has connected your contacts, you will be capable of viewing suggestions based on the contacts list that you uploaded.

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Method 2: On iPhone

Launch the Twitter app and then tap on your current profile photo.

Choose ‘Settings and Privacy.’

Select ‘Privacy and security. Then, choose ‘Discoverability and Contacts.’

Turn on the following toggles by pressing the same.

  • You can be found through your email
  • You can be found via your phone

Turn on the switch for “Sync address book contacts” to upload your contacts list to Twitter.

This will allow you to display pertinent recommendations to you to expand your network online.

Method 3: On PC

Find Contacts on Twitter

Start by opening using your favorite browser, then click on “More.”

Click on the Settings and Privacy.

Click and choose ‘Privacy & security’.

Click on the ‘Discoverability’ tab as well as contacts.’

You can check the box to see the following items on the screen.

  • Find out who you are through your email
  • Find out who you are through your mobile

Take note that although these options will assist your contacts in finding your profile on Twitter, You will require the use of a mobile device to find your contacts. We suggest using one of these guides to assist you in this procedure.

Your contacts will be able to locate you on Twitter when they have sync for contacts turned on in the account. Twitter account.

How do you remove your synced contacts?

You can also delete individuals from the system after they’ve been synced. This will help you get rid of unwanted and private contacts that could be transferred to this platform. Follow the instructions below based on your device to assist you in getting to the point of getting.

Note: You can delete all your contacts on mobile devices. If you want to delete particular contacts selectively, you’ll need an alternative device on your desktop.

Method 1: On Android

Launch the Twitter application on your device. Tap on your profile image and then choose ‘Settings and Privacy.’

Tap on Privacy and security.

Tap on ‘Discoverability and Contacts.’

Then, tap “Remove all contacts.”

When asked, make sure you confirm your selection and verify your identity if necessary. This will delete all of the contacts that you uploaded from your Twitter profile.

Method 2: On iPhone

Launch the Twitter app and then tap on your profile photo.

Choose ‘Settings and Privacy.’

Tap on Privacy and security.

Next, click ‘Discoverability.’ contacts.’

Then, tap “Remove all contacts’.

You can confirm that you are who you claim to be by entering your username. All your uploaded contacts from your Twitter account will have been deleted.

Method 3: On PC

If you’re using a desktop device, follow this step-by-step guide to remove any as well as all your contacts on Twitter.

Go to in the browser you prefer and sign in to your account. After logging in, click “More” on the left-hand side, and select ‘Settings & privacy.’

Then click on ‘Privacy and security.

Choose ‘Discoverability and Contacts.’

Select ‘Manage contacts’ at the lower.

Then, either remove the desired contact by entering the password again.

Click on the button ‘Remove all contact on top’ to take out all of the contacts that you have uploaded.

Verify your identity and choice at the point you are asked. Then, you’re done! The contacts you have uploaded to Twitter should be deleted from your Twitter account.


Here are some commonly requested questions on syncing contacts with your Twitter account. These can help you get to speed. Let’s get started.

Are others aware that I uploaded their contact details?

Your acquaintances and contacts will not be notified every time you upload their contacts to Twitter. It’s a private thing only visible to you.

How secure is it to share contacts on Twitter?

Uploading or sharing contacts on Twitter is very secure. Twitter only uses identifiers like telephone numbers and email addresses to identify your family and friends who are registered on the platform. However, this doesn’t mean that your information is secure. Twitter has experienced data security breaches in the past, and similar incidents in the near future could put your data in danger. It is recommended to be cautious in uploading your contacts on Twitter.

Are others able to view the contacts that I share?

There is no one on Twitter except for you. You can access or manage the uploaded contact list. This allows you to have complete security and freedom to decide the way you’d like to get in contact with your loved ones and friends on Twitter.

I don’t want to connect with Twitter? What do I do?

Simply switch off the toggles that we activated earlier to switch off Contact Sync for your Twitter account. After you’ve turned it off, you’ll be able to use the next section to delete all of your contacts uploaded to the Twitter platform.

We hope you’ve been capable of taking advantage of Contact integration on Twitter by following the steps above. If you encounter any difficulties or have additional concerns, please contact us by commenting below.

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