How To Enable Dapp Browser On Trust Wallet | Easy Steps

Enable Dapp Browser On Trust Wallet

Trust App is extremely useful to use these decentralized applications to the end-users. However, it’s not always easy to use this app with your mobile device, particularly when running an iPhone.

If you’re making use of either an Android smartphone or iOS device, connecting to DApp’s DApp browser is required for using Trust Wallet application.

It can help you harness the full potential of the crypto community, which is constantly growing. But How To Enable Dapp Browser On Trust Wallet?

This article will provide all the details needed to activate you to use the DApp browser.

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Understanding the Trust Wallet Application and DApp Browser

Enable Dapp Browser On Trust Wallet

It is essential to integrate with others in this discussion as you can start by using your DApp web browser within the Trust Wallet application.

One of the features Trust Wallet offers is that users can log in to their accounts and transfer funds with their mobile devices.

However, if you want to make use of DApps for the Trust Wallet, you need to keep an eye on the future.

What Are Decentralized Applications?

Here are three easy terms to be aware of for those who aren’t sure about the meaning of decentralized applications.

The concept is to create a secure and open environment for users who can connect, allow, access, and even find new apps regardless of their purpose and where they are located.

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Any individual or group does not control the Ethereum blockchain. Any influence in any aspect of the Ethereum blockchain. It is a fact that Etherium is an independent, public decentralized platform that allows you to utilize DApps.


There is no need to have to worry about any issues with the general performance of the application. An Ethereum blockchain can be described as a digital machine that functions in complete isolation and is bulletproof.


The creators of DApps make sure that their applications work and fulfill the same purpose and function regardless of the environment in which they’re working. So, any mistakes during operations appear like an extremely long shot.

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What is Trust Wallet?

Enable Dapp Browser On Trust Wallet

It’s an app that allows you to store, manage and even receive cryptocurrency using your mobile device. Trust Wallet is an official app that Binance provides.

So, you can create the Trust Wallet profile with the assistance of Ethereum blockchain technology. It is available on the Binance platform.

Therefore, Trust Wallet is a great application. A trust Wallet application is not solely for the use of DApp. It’s among the most effective platforms for checking other decentralized apps for your phone.

What is DApp Browser?

The browser acts as a screen or medium for accessing and navigating the various decentralized applications for your smartphone.

If you’ve activated your DApp browser in the Trust Wallet, then Trust Wallet, you will be able to connect to many other DApps. Also, you’ll be able to prevent the possibility of accessing completely different worlds right from your account.

What is PancakeSwap Exchange?

Enable Dapp Browser On Trust Wallet

PancakeSwap exchange is one of the most well-known applications available through the DApp browser.

It functions as a decentralized swap or DEXe with the idea to let Android and iOS users store the tokens they want to trade whenever they need to.

This application is not compatible with fiat currency. Therefore, it is essential to enable the DApp browser in the Trust Wallet to properly use the PancakeSwap exchange.

How to Enable DApp Browser on Trust Wallet

After we have covered the fundamentals, we will discuss how to activate your trust pilot to use the DApp browser to your Trustpilot.

To activate your DApp browser in Trust Wallet, you must enable it. Trust Wallet application, you need to download it onto the Android and the iOS device.

Visit Your Google Play Store or iOS App Store and use the search bar to find Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet application.

Download the application, join it up to the account you have created, and you’re now ready to start the process.

How to Do It on Android Phones?

The activation of using the DApp browser on Android devices is much more straightforward than on iOS devices. Some limitations apply to all iOS devices because of their closed ecosystem design.

However, we’ll discuss the matter in a minute. If you have the case of an Android phone, you just have to follow these simple steps, and you’ll be all set.

Step 1 – Open your Trust Wallet

Assuming that you’ve got it installed and configured, you just have to tap that Trust Wallet icon and wait for it to open.

To connect effectively with your Trust Wallet application account, you should remember to allow your DApp browser to work without problems.

Step 2. Taping to Settings in the navigation bar that is located at the top

Then, scroll to the bottom of the screen. There is the Navigation line with its Settings option. If you tap upon it, you will see a pop-up menu open.

You’ll have to look for Preferences in the menu. Then, tap it to go further.

Step 3 – Toggling Enable the DApp Browser

It is necessary to enable the DApp browser in the Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet by toggling the option to the left. It will activate the DApps for Your Trust Wallet.

After that, you’ll see your DApp browser menu, which is located on the lower right of your screen in the bar that is on the main page.

There’s nothing more you have to do here. You just need to check for the option that allows you to enable it, and you’ll be ready to start.

How to do it on an iOS Device?

The June 2021 update: you may no longer use the DApp browser on your iOS device, which includes the iPhone. Sorry!????

It’s time to turn on your DApp browser in Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet application using your iOS devices. This procedure is likely to be a bit tricky. However, you are able to accomplish it on your own.

You’ll just have to follow the steps, and you will see that it’s not too difficult.

It is not possible to download this app via the App Store because Apple has forced Trust Wallet to remove the DApp browser from its store in accordance with its guidelines.

However, don’t be discouraged; these are the steps to follow to finish the job with your iOS device.

Step 1 – Opening Safari Browser

It will be using Safari Browser to activate your DApp browser to work on your iOS device in an efficient way. Click onto the URL bar, and then type it in.


After that, a pop-up will be displayed that reads, “Open this page on Trust?”. Click Open, and then continue.

You are able to reverse your actions by tapping on Cancel whenever you’d like.

Step 2 – Returning to your Trust Wallet application on Safari.

Then, go back to the tab within Safari, and you’ll find Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet application. The browser option will begin appearing towards the lower left.

That’s how you can activate your DApp browser to work with a trust Wallet on an iOS device. It’s not too complicated, after all!

Is this “Trust: Browser Enable” command work on Android also?

The command you are typing in won’t work with an Android phone. However, with the Android phone, you’re already in a position to enable and utilize the DApp browser by downloading DApp via Google Play. Google Play store.

This command is the sole method of using DApps for iOS devices since they are closed ecosystems. The application isn’t compatible with Apple devices.

Final Word

Binance The Wallet Address is the best alternative to use your computer to perform crypto transactions and keep track of these transactions.

However, if you utilize your mobile more frequently than your computer, you’ll need to use the DApp browser, a decentralized app.

It’s easy to run with Android phones; however, for iOS, it will have to use a bit of help from the built-in Safari browser.

However, following the steps mentioned in the previous paragraphs, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to complete the task.

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