How to Embed YouTube Videos on Twitter | Easy Video Tricks

Embed YouTube Videos on Twitter

You can work from your personal Twitter account or manage a brand’s social presence. But one thing is certain: video content receives more likes and retweets. But How to Embed YouTube Videos on Twitter?

Experts predict that video content has surpassed all other content in terms of accessibility, enjoyment, and engagement over the past decade. This is not just an emerging trend but a shift to video as the primary source of content for internet users.

These Twitter statistics should be able to explain it.

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How to Embed YouTube Videos on Twitter | Easy Video Tricks
  • 8/10 active users access Twitter through their mobile devices
  • There are three reasons to watch the Twitter video: 30% entertainment, 30% news, 30% news, 30% social, 30% social, 28% interesting, and 24% viral.
  • The desire to buy was 6% higher in-stream video ads.
  • 93% of Twitter video is viewed on mobile devices
  • What video users want: 51% breaking news; 49% information; 48% viral content; 40% entertainment and 37% celebrity
  • Twitter has 1.3 billion accounts. 391 million of these accounts have no followers.
  • Images in tweets generate 150% more retweets.
  • Tweets with video are 10 times more engaging than regular tweets.
  • Twitter promoted using video has saved 50% per engagement.
  • Twitter has 67 million monthly active users (MAUs) in the US.

It helps that Twitter reported tweets that had videos were 300 % more likely than tweets with GIFs and a staggering 600% higher likelihood of being RT’d compared with tweets that have photos. This statistic has helped Twitter surpass YouTube to become the most popular source for interesting videos.

It is also important to note that these statistics are organic reach. The vast majority of videos viewed on Twitter come from users who stumble upon them on their feeds rather than being presented as sponsored ads. This powerful statement shows that Twitter’s video engagement is unrivaled, with even short videos getting so much attention that it would make TV networks blush.

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Embed YouTube Videos on Twitter

How to Embed YouTube Videos on Twitter | Easy Video Tricks

To embed YouTube videos on Twitter, you must first do this via YouTube’s app or website. Go to the YouTube video that you wish to RT or embed on Twitter.

You’ll see an arrow at the bottom that says “Share link”. Click on this to save the link to your clipboard. This link can be shared on any social media platform. On Twitter, you have two options: copy the HTML code included with the “Share Link” button, or post the URL directly.

Tweet the link, which will appear as a short link or the HTML code. The video will then appear in your followers’ feeds.

What if your computer isn’t connected to the internet? How do you embed YouTube videos to your iPhone or Android device?

How to embed videos on iPhone and Android

  1. Open YouTube on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to a particular video and click on it. Tap on share to see a list with sharing options.
  3. To create a new Twitter tweet with a link to the YouTube clip, tap the Twitter icon. You’ll be asked to sign in to Twitter if you are not already signed in.
  4. Before you tweet, type your tweet. Followers will see your video and the tweet that is associated.

How can you download videos from Twitter?

It’s not possible to download videos from Twitter via the native app. You will need to use third-party video software, either in an app or on a specific Twitter download website. These third-party apps will often download your Twitter video from your feed and save it to your phone and/or computer.

Although exact instructions may vary, it is usually enough to copy the URL of the tweet and post it to the video downloader website/app. You will be asked to select the size of the video you wish to download (which determines how much space it takes on your smartphone/HDD). It will be saved to your device’s downloaded folder and ready for you to view once you have completed downloading it.

How to embed a video from another person on Twitter

How to Embed YouTube Videos on Twitter | Easy Video Tricks

You can tweet a video from another Twitter user and retweet it or embed the video in your tweets. You can increase your interaction by sharing the content of another user. The possibility of sharing another person’s video will increase your reach and improve the interaction with your Account.

There are two ways to share a video from another user: embedding or retweeting it. Here are the steps to do them both:

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  • Retweet. This is the easiest Option. You can retweet the entire tweet of the user and then add your comment.
  1. Log in to your Twitter account.
  2. You can search for the tweet that contains the video you wish to share.
  3. Click on the retweet icon, the one with the two arrows in the cycle.
  • Embed. You can embed the video to share it without having to retweet it.
    • Log in to your Twitter account.
    • Click the Share button (the icon has three dots) and go to the video that you wish to embed.
    • Click “Copy link.”
    • Copy the link to your tweet into a text box.
    • Remember to delete the last link part until you see “?”
    • To embed the video, use the “/video/1” command.

What are Twitter’s Video Upload Requirements for?

You can upload your content to Twitter instead of reposting others’ content. However, this is subject to the video upload requirements. These requirements answer questions such as how large a Twitter clip can be or how long a Twitter post can be, etc. These requirements will ensure that you have no problems uploading videos to Twitter.

  • Twitter’s minimum video resolution is 32×32
  • Twitter videos can be as short as 0.5 seconds and as long as 140 seconds.
  • Twitter’s video limit is 512 MB for async and 152 MB for sync.
  • Twitter videos must adhere to the following aspect ratios.
  • Twitter supports the following video formats: MP4 video uploads in H264 format with AAC audio.
  • Twitter’s maximum video resolution is 1,920×1,200 and 1,200×1,900
  • The maximum bitrate is 25Mbps (Megabits per Second).
  • Video frames per second (fps) is the maximum frame rate.
  • Twitter supports the following video formats currently: MP4 and MOV formats for mobile apps.

Videos on Twitter are the best! Twitter is one of the most simple ways to tweet a video. The platform doesn’t take it lightly when someone cannot post a video on Twitter because this would impede everyone’s algorithm. Twitter allows anyone to post videos from any platform.

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