How to Duplicate Runes in Elden Ring

How to Duplicate Runes in Elden Ring

The process of leveling up on the Elden Ring can be an difficult process. Saving enough Runes to upgrade your character could be a time sink, with each death resetting your Rune stocks to zero. For those looking for a fast and simple method to acquire Runes duplicate is the solution. This is how you can create Runes effortlessly within the Elden Ring.

To duplicate items from Elden Ring, you’ll need to play with a person. Make sure you are aware of how to bring your friends to join your game prior to trying this Rune Duplication method in Elden Ring.

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Steps for Item Duplication in Elden Ring

  • Save your data to Elden Ring .
    • PC Game: Close the game, then search the appdata folder on your PC’s search bar. Choose your Elden Ring folder that appears in the search bar, then select the primary folder that appears at the top. The file is an SL2 file. Right-click the document and then copy the file into an archive folder.
    • PlayStation : Press the Options click whenever you hover over Elden Ring in the PlayStation menu, and then select Save Data Management . After the menu has been opened you can choose the Saved Data Menu and choose Cloud Storage to upload a backup that you have played through the most recently.
      • PlayStation Plus is required to use this method..
    • Xbox You can exit Elden Ring by returning to the Xbox Home screen by moving your cursor over Elden Ring, pressing the Menu button, and then selecting to Close Game from the menu below.

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  • Invite a friend for play
    • You must wait until your friend has been added to Elden Ring. Elden Ring session and meet to continue the session.
  • You can drop those items in your collection you’d love duplicate with a partner
    • In the ideal scenario, you’ll need to drop items that are worth considerable amounts of Runes in the Elden Ring. We suggest dropping golden RunesNumen’s Runes and Heroes’ Runes.
    • Let your friend take your possessions.
  • Close Elden Ring
    • The exit is Elden Ring, shutting down the game completely.
  • Reload your previous save
    • When Elden Ring is shut down open the save that you created prior to dropping your possessions to gain the items.
      • PC When the game ceases to run Go to the backup save to copy it, then replace the latest save using the Elden Ring menu of files at the exact spot that you copied the previous time.
      • PlayStation PlayStation the Cloud Save option option from the save data management tab from using the Option menu.
        Xbox Then, you can open the Elden Ring once it’s shut down completely.
  • Reclaim your belongings
    • Invite your friend back for another meeting and let them take your belongings
  • Rinse and repeat.
    • Repeat the process of duplicate items with the method till you’ve accumulated enough items to accumulate an abundance of Runes to upgrade your game and avoid being constantly fighting the same mobs of enemies.

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