How to Dual Wedge in Elden Ring

How to Dual Wedge in Elden Ring

While Elden Ring surpasses some of the Soulsborne titles from FromSoftware in some areas it is still a superior title, but it has its fair share of tried and tested game mechanics. Fans were curious about Elden Ring’s approach to fighting styles, after the experimental combat in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Fortunately, many of the Dark Souls core elements have returned.

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Dual-wielding, another option available in Elden Ring, gives players plenty of options when it is time to build their characters. It may seem easy, but it is rarely that simple in FromSoft games.

How to Dual-Wield Elden Ring

To be dual-wielding, the player only needs two weapons. One in each hand. Using the right-handed weapon, you can press RB and RT to make light and heavy attacks. Hit LB, LT and the same with your left hand.

Dual-wielding has the potential to greatly improve a player’s damage output. Players can attack much faster using alternate weapon swings. However, the main drawback is that dual-wielding limits players’ ability to block or use shields for parrying.

Dual-wielding can be an effective build type and help you through the game’s final stages.

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Can you dual wield seals Elden Ring?

This also allows players to stack buffs by dual-wielding seals. Only the seals labeled “Casting Scales With Strength” have an Incant Scaling start with strength. For other strength-scaling sealing seals, strength affects only the physical damage to the seal.

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