How To Dox on Discord | Easy Ways

How To Dox on Discord

Doxxing is the act of revealing personal information online about someone, such as real names, addresses, and phone numbers. Without the owner’s consent. Although doxxing is common on many communication platforms, Discord allows you to dox anyone.

How To Dox on Discord? Ans: Doxxing is done by identifying the username of a Discord member and then using additional information to connect with more details about one person. You can doxx on Discord with public information, or you may need advanced tools to complete the task.

Many Discord users find doxxing attractive, even though it is considered unethical in many circles. This guide will give you an overview of doxxing.

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What Does Dox Mean on Discord?

How To Dox on Discord | Easy Ways

Doxx is a Discord term that refers to dropping sensitive information or documents belonging to another user to harass or expose. Doxx is a slang term for dropping documents.

Can You Dox Someone in Discord?

Discord allows for doxxing, but it is not recommended.

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How To Dox on Discord?

How To Dox on Discord | Easy Ways

You can doxx another Discord user by following the six steps below.

Step 1 – Identify the Discord username.

First, you will need to obtain the username for the target you want to doxx on Discord. Once you have the username, you will be able to identify additional details using this information.

Step 2 – Find the connection between usernames from a doxing target.

Although it may not appear to be very effective initially, Google usernames can be used to connect users across different platforms.

You might find identical usernames in different places if you search for usernames on your browser. You might be right if you get identical results for an unusual username.

Next, check if any usernames are associated with a real person. If you can get a name linked to more than three usernames on different platforms, it could be one person.

If this doesn’t work, some tools can be used.

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Step 3: Use linking websites

How To Dox on Discord | Easy Ways

Companies and individuals can use linking websites to find information. To help create connections between different platforms, websites like are vital.

You can quickly find usernames and real names on a linked website, which will give you details that you can use for doxxing.

Step 4 – Source personal data from social networks

You can search with a linked website to find relevant data. Many people post information on social media, such as their address, full names, dates of birth, and other details.

Step 5 – Use personal data to locate addresses and other contact information.

Once you have gathered enough information about the doxxing target, it is possible to start searching directory websites. Websites like and provide information about individuals with only their name, location, and contact details.

Step 6 – Cross-reference and confirm

Once you have all the information you need, it’s time to verify the accuracy of the data.

To ensure you have the correct doxxing target, go through Steps 1-5 again. This will ensure that you don’t leave any blanks when doxxing.

Doxxing could also seek out the Social Security Number, bank account, and credit card numbers of target victims. This information is rare and could be considered a felony in certain US states.

Doxxing can have an unexpected, significant ripple effect that you didn’t anticipate. Even if you have all the information, it is important to think things through before you doxx someone.

Is Doxxing Illegal in Discord?

Doxxing is an offense under many pretexts on Discord. It is illegal to threaten a minor or trespass on the property, school, or workplace of Discord users without their consent.

Discord is not authorized to threaten users with harm or leak sensitive information about other subscribers.

Discord also prohibits members from encouraging or participating in violence or hatred towards others. Discord rules and US federal laws will apply to any member who is found to have violated any of these guidelines.

Anyone found doxxing members of Discord could have their accounts banned. Users who doxx with concrete evidence could lose their accounts.

Are You a Discord Doxxer?

Doxxing is not a crime in the United States. People found guilty of doxxing could face imprisonment for up to 6 months, depending on the location of their files.

In some territories, such as Ohio, doxxers are charged with $500 inflicting a 6-month sentence. Doxxing, which is a fourth-degree felony, can result in sentences of up to 10 years and a $5,000 fine.

There are currently no federal laws that deal with doxxing. To charge someone for doxxing, US prosecutors have two federal statutes: 18 U.S.Code SS119 or 18 U.S.Code SS2261A.

After being charged with federal crimes, anyone found guilty can be subject to fines, imprisonment, and a criminal record.

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