How To Download Warzone On Ps5

How To Download Warzone On Ps5

You’ve probably been familiar with Call of Duty Warzone, but if not, it’s free to play, first-person Battle Royale game. There are in-game purchases available for an entirely different character, weapon skins or. The game Warzone you can play by yourself or with group of friends. You have one objective: to be the last person alive!


If you’re wondering, Warzone does run very well on the PS5 and is stunning like always. Below are the steps needed to get and download Warzone on the PlayStation 5.

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Download COD Warzone for free on your PS5 console:

Here are the steps needed in order to download Warzone onto the PlayStation 5.

1. Switch the PS5 and log in to your user account.

2. Go to the Playstation Store and go to Search

3. Search for Warzone > Select Call Of Duty: Warzone

4. Click Download. The game will then begin downloading and installing onto your Playstation 5

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This is how you can get and download Call Of Duty Warzone on your PS5 at no cost. Why not jump into a game to try to reach the final and become the last player or team remaining!

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