How to Dodge Malenia Elden Ring

How to Dodge Malenia Elden Ring

Are you looking for a way to defeat Malenia on Elden Ring? The good news is that this boss is not mandatory because she’s arguably one of the most difficult bosses we’ve encountered on screen in Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. There are two major reasons why. The one is that whenever she can hit you and heals herself, regardless of whether you’re defending yourself with shields. This could turn the initial phase of the fight into a total nightmare. And you might find yourself running out of bottles while she’s still running around with 100% health.

The third reason is the attack. If you’ve ever fought her, you’ll be aware there’s a point during the battle; she typically leaps in the air and attacks you in the form of a swirling spiral of blades. This is one of the rare assaults you aren’t able to simply throw away. If she leaps up and you begin rolling, you’ll get eliminated unless you’re an absolute master. There are many methods to beat Malenia within the Elden Ring, even if she’s extremely difficult.

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How to Dodge Malenia Elden Ring?

I’ve used Elden Ring Spirit Ashes to take on this boss often and have seen many strategies help you defeat Elden Ring’s Malenia. Naturally, this guide will include spoilers for the boss and the location where you’ll encounter the boss.


Elden Ring Melania location

If you’re wondering how you haven’t seen this demigod before is because you’re not in her realm. Malenia appears to be one of the bosses in a Dark Souls 3 DLC; as an optional ending game extra that is extremely tough; however, she’s off the beaten path. Malenia is located at her location in Haligtree Roots Site of Grace, located in the north of the region. You can gain access using the Elden Ring Haligtree Medallion. You’ll need to traverse several areas, take on your Ordina Gaol challenge, and traverse all the braces of the Haligtree itself.

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How to beat Malenia in Elden Ring?

I’ve seen many techniques that use Malenia and a range of weapon combinations. In essence, they are:

  • The gang converges on her with three other people, locking her in oblivion.
  • You can use a different player and exchange the aggro between you.

Because Malenia can be easily stun-locked during her initial phase ganging up with three other players and hitting her continuously can be effective. However, you’ll need to be a bit hefty to accomplish this, as you aren’t able to lock her permanently. This is particularly efficient if you have somebody who is wielding an item like the Sword of Night and Flame and making use of the beam of it to knock down her repeatedly or using Radahn’s swords, basically any weapon or skill that can knock her down. Malenia can stagger easily and allows you to make critical strikes. Jumping attacks are also very effective. However, I wouldn’t suggest using incantations with dragon breath, as they can block your view of her. Like many different Elden Ring bosses, bleeding and frost are both powerful and shielded because they will block her regen for at most one shot.

The main issue that comes with bringing a person from another with you to Malenia will be the fact that this can increase the amount of damage you’ll have to take on, provides her with an additional health pool to draw off and makes her aggression more unpredictable, increasing the chance of being injured.

This is the same with Spirit the Calling Bell summons, which is ineffective almost every time during this fight because of their lack of self-defence. Although it’s possible to use summons, they usually take out hits, and they can cause damage and health. This is why being combative in this type of fight is difficult, as when you’re hit, the damage you suffer is counted to a very small extent.

I’ve seen the most effective method to defeat Malenia can be two players with heavy weapons who exchange her aggressiveness with jumping moves. It’s more difficult than ganging up. However, it stops her from focusing on one player all the time. Since she is staggered in a way, you can often disrupt attacks by the other player complete.

While strong weapons are the best, this can be accomplished with any combination of weapons or even only one weapon of strength and spellcaster. The important thing is to distribute the responsibility between you, so she doesn’t focus too much on either. This is also a dodge battle. It is possible to utilize a shield if you wish, but be aware that the battle will last for a considerable amount of time and, in some cases, for a long time because she’ll replenish the health of your shield. Hitting her quickly will eliminate the majority of the damage that you’re dealing with.

Respect in case you have to use it, but it’s a situation where it’s important to have a good amount of endurance and health. In addition, being healthier will permit you to utilize a lower load on your equipment, making your dodges more efficient. There’s a big elephant in the room: “what’s the point if she murders you every time with that jump attack?” There are a few strategies to tackle the situation.


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How to stop Malenia’s speedy attack Waterfowl Dance

The advantage of the three-person stun-locking party is that it is possible that Malenia will not even have an opportunity to perform her ultimate attack. Still, in the end, it’s always better to have a plan of attack in case it happens. There are two solutions I’ve tested that work the majority often:

  • Put a great shield on your off-hand and switch it whenever she leaps into the air to absorb the punches. Move backwards as you go and ensure that you’re not directly beneath her. You’ll require a good amount of endurance to do this, bringing back a significant portion of her overall health.
  • If she leaps into the air, get away as quick as to ensure that she has finished the first two stages of your attack. Then avoid her again when she attacks you for the third time. The way you position yourself makes it possible. You’re dead if you’re directly beneath her or switching off the aggro while she’s jumping and bouncing.

If she confronts you on your own, however, smart Elden Ring players have discovered a simple counter to Waterfowl Dance that appears to work each time. Tossing in a Freezing Pot as she’s charging the attack from mid-air will cancel the attack and leave her open for an additional attack. It will work twice, however, after the opponent is resistant to Freezing Pots. You can still stun her in the future. However, you’ll have to put out two instead.

Also, think about optimizing your talismans to ensure maximum damage. If you’re using a lighter load of equipment, you could use the Blue Dancer Charm to boost damage. It’s also possible to use the Ritual Sword Talisman will also do the same thing, as does the Claw Talisman for jumping attacks.


How to get Malenia’s second phase?

If you’ve succeeded in the first part, the second one is likely. The only different thing is that a few blind spots have disappeared as the scarlet rot plumes erupt from the floor following some or all of her strikes. Two new attacks to be concerned about are:

  • She leaps in the air and releases spirit-like scarlet attacks from various angles. They’re not instantaneous; therefore, if you avoid a little delay, then you’ll be safe. Make sure you are aware that she will swoop down following. The swoop’s aggro appears to be related to proximity, and occasionally, she’ll change sides towards the end of the attack, so be aware. Be on the lookout for a ghost near the end of the attack, who appears out of thin air on the left.
  • In the initial attack of this phase, she leaps down and then transforms into a flower that explodes, causing injury upon impact and after the explosion. This can be repeated throughout the fight and could quickly alter her mind on the person she will hit. Be prepared to defend yourself, just wait for the flowers to fade and fall, and then sprint and launch an attack before she can get up. If you’re able to cast spells, simply blaze at her.

In the end, it’s an extremely difficult fight, but sometimes you’ll die due to the randomness of that jump attack or because you were in a dangerous situation to make it happen. Whatever the case, passing the blame among two opponents is a strategy that works in both phases and has proven to be the most effective among all of the ones I’ve witnessed in the ten hours of playing.

Lastly, I’d like to say that this isn’t the primary boss. If you aren’t sure you’re doing enough damage or you’ve rushed to the Haligtree location, head somewhere other where you can level up for a bit. Elden bosses can be deadly even if you’re not over-levelled. One of the best options to make the boss more manageable is to find Elden Ringsmithing Stones that can be used to increase your weapon’s power and obtain an additional level. Luckily, the Haligtree enemies in the area give you the most runes.

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How to get the Hand of Malenia in Elden Ring

You might have encountered someone with Malenia’s sword. They immediately started making the blade-hurling move. Malenia’s Hand of Malenia is her weapon from the battle, and you can acquire it using her recollection of the Finger Reader Enia. The skill is known as Waterfowl Dance and lets you recreate the attacks from the fight with the boss, but I’m not sure if I’d wish to do that to anyone else.

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