How To Do Split Screen On Chromebook | Easy Ways

Split Screen On Chromebook

Got a new Chromebook for yourself but having trouble accessing all its functions? If it is your recent time using a Chromebook and you are confused about how to split screen on Chromebook then don’t worry, it is quite simple and we will explain it in a far simpler way. 

Chromebooks are fast laptops programmed specifically for cloud workers. Being comparatively less costly than Mac and Windows laptops, Chromebooks are designed to work with an active internet connection and is mostly preferred by business users. 

To do split screen on Chromebook drag your first window and then position your second window and then maximize them. 

If you want to understand in detail about how do you split screens on a Chromebook, then go further through this article and you will understand it completely. 

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How To Do Split Screen On Chromebook?

How To Do Split Screen On Chromebook | Easy Ways

Splitting the screen on a Chromebook is not much of a task, however, if you are new to it, below we have explained in a detailed and comprehensive manner how to split screen on Chromebook for students who are new to using laptops. 

1. Position Your First Window On Chromebook

How To Do Split Screen On Chromebook | Easy Ways

Decide the first window that you want to open in split screen on your Chromebook. Open that window and look for the window management option at its top right corner. You will see a Window icon that is a small square. This is the two-window minimize icon. Click and hold this icon and then drag this window to either the left side or the right side of the screen as per your wish. 

How to fix split screen on Chromebook? Well, you can also activate the lock-on function so that your window is snapped to either side of your Chromebook screen showing a divider line in the middle which is temporary and indicates that your screen is being split. As you release the window, it will get locked to the side it was dragged. 

If you find holding and dragging irritating, there is another option of holding down for just a second and then releasing it. 

As you do this, two Left/Right arrows will appear around the window icon from Chrome OS. you can click on them and the window will be locked to the side. This process might be a little slow, but, it is more convenient if you are using a trackpad for this purpose. 

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2. Position The Second Window

How To Do Split Screen On Chromebook | Easy Ways

One window you wanted has been placed on the split screen and now it is time to position the other window that you want to be displayed on the other half of the screen. Now, open the other browser tap that you want to add to the split screen. Now, again click and hold the same Minimize button, which has a square icon, at the top right corner of the screen.

Now drag this window in the opposite direction of the window you have already positioned. It will autonomously get snapped to its right place and then you can release the hold of your cursor. 

As you do this, both the windows you opened will be displayed and actively working at the same time on your Chromebook screen. You can move between them freely and work on them simultaneously. 

Remember that only those apps can be added to the split screen on your Chromebook which have the Minimize/Maximize button on their window. 

How To Split Screen On Chromebook With Keyboard?

There are also certain keyboard shortcuts that allow you to perform various tasks on your Chromebook without having to use a trackpad or mouse. Well, you can also split the screen on a Chromebook with the keyboard using its shortcuts. 

So, using the keyboard shortcut is the fastest way to split the screen on your Chromebook. How? You just need the bracket keys and the Alt key on your keyboard. All you have to do is click on your first window for split screen and then press the “Alt and [“ keys at the same time and the window will be locked to the left side of your screen. 

Now, open the second window, click on it and then press the “Alt and ]” keys together and this window will be positioned to the right side of your screen. 

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How To Remove Split Screen On Chromebook?

Now that you are done with the work on split screen windows, you might want to get rid of split screen on your Chromebook. But, how to undo split screen on Chromebook? It is more simple than splitting the screens on your Chromebook. Here is what you need to do. 

As you are done with the split screen mode on your Chromebook, just simply click on the Maximize button at the top of any one window and both the windows will return to their original expanded state on the screen as the locked-split screen will be removed. 

Wrapping Up

Now you know all about how to use split screen on Chromebook, so use the feature and work on two windows on your Chromebook simultaneously to make it smoother and quicker. If you are facing any problems with the split screen option on your Chromebook, tell us in the comments. 

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