How To Do Hands Free on Snapchat

How To Do Hands Free on Snapchat

We’ll be honest, holding the record button when taking the Snap isn’t the most difficult of tasks. If you’re looking to create something unique when you take your picture or employ a tripod needing to hold it down, it can be challenging to capture the perfect shot.

So, what’s the solution? What can you do to capture Snaps Snap without holding on to the button for recording?

If you have an iPhone, you can choose from various alternatives since you can record your video without pressing that button on Snapchat by using an innovative iOS feature. If you’re using Android and iOS, you’ll require some workarounds.

Snapchat is the land of selfies; however, many more users than are trying new methods to stand out. Brands and individuals are shifting to Snapchat instead of Facebook and Instagram, and with millions of Snapchat users trying to get noticed in the same things, you must be innovative to stand out.

The only reason for needing to hold the record button can be an inconvenience. It’s not an unsolvable issue, as you’ll soon discover. Therefore, before you waste any more time, let’s take an overview of how to record without pressing the button on Snapchat.

How do you record hands-free on Snapchat?

As we mentioned earlier, recording without holding your finger on Snapchat could be done. However, the method you use to record depends on the model of the device you have. If you own iPhones can do it easily by changing the access settings.

But, Android users will have to use a hack to benefit from hands-free recordings on Snapchat.

Hands-Free Recording on Snapchat: iOS

How To Do Hands Free on Snapchat

If you own an iPhone and would like to record your video without pressing the button on Snapchat, you can use the accessibility feature included in iOS to achieve this.

The feature, dubbed AssistiveTouch, is created to make phones easier to use for those struggling with motor skills or the ability to operate the buttons on a phone’s hardware. To activate this setting, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select Settings and go to the Accessibility settings on your iPhone.
  2. Then, select the option to Touch, followed by AssistiveTouch.
  3. To turn on AssistiveTouch (make it green). A small grey square should appear on the screen, with a white circle at the bottom.
  4. Once you’ve turned AssistiveTouch on, scroll down to choose the option to create a new Gesture.
  5. Press and hold the centre of the phone’s screen to hold it until the blue bar at the bottom ends.
  6. You can open Snapchat, and you’ll be able to see the grey square once more.
  7. Choose the square you want to tap and then the Custom.
  8. Bookmark and give Your Gesture.
  9. Choose the Gesture you have just created. Now, you should be able to see a grey circle appear in the centre of your Snapchat screen. The process will execute the custom gesture you designed (i.e. it will hold a button for several minutes).
  10. Drag the grey circle that appears on the right side of the Snapchat Record button.
  11. The recording should start after a one-second delay.

You can now take a recording of your Snap without holding on to the recording button. You can put your smartphone on a tripod, in holders, or whatever you want. The Gesture is only 8 seconds, meaning you won’t have the total Snapchat 10-second exposure. However, it’s adequate for the majority of demands.

If you don’t want to have the grey circle that appears on your phone continuously or want to record with the hands-free mode at times, follow the steps below for creating a Gesture switch off AssistiveTouch. The circle will vanish, but the saved Gesture will be saved. Then, you can switch it off and on whenever you want to.

Hands-Free Recording on Snapchat: Android

There isn’t an Android equivalent of the feature. Although the OS includes accessibility options, the ability to perform a gesture isn’t one of them. But it is possible to work to get around this issue if you utilize an eraser and elastic band on your smartphone. Yes, it’s somewhat awkward; however, it’s effective. I’ve tried it myself.

You’ll need an eraser of a smaller size or cut off the top of a pencil to let the eraser. You will also need a sturdy elastic band. Set the eraser where you’ll find the Snapchat record button on the screen. Then, tie your elastic to the display to secure it securely in the position. Then, set Snapchat to record, and it should register for the entire duration of 10 seconds.

The trick is to make the elastic band tight enough to keep the button without snapping. The gentleness of the eraser will mean your screen will not be damaged, so there’s no risk there.

Another option is to switch the controls until an audio button is recording and then use the elastic to hold it in place. You must, however, ensure that the elastic is tight enough to secure the controller. Another option would be using a smartphone tripod and clamp to hold the volume button for recording. It’s a challenge to get the timing right, but it’s doable.

Bonus Snapchat Tips and Tips and

To compensate for Snapchat’s absence of recording hands-free, we’ve collected a few suggestions and tricks to help make the most of Snapchat.

Find out what song is currently playing.

Utilizing Shazam, Snapchat can quickly determine the song you’re playing (as long that it’s not obscure). The easiest way to use the feature is to click and hold down on the Snapchat viewfinder while the song plays. The app will come up with the title of the song.

If this isn’t working, it’s possible to hold and press the screen for a couple of seconds until alternative lens options are displayed. Below those lenses, select the scanner option, then scroll to the left and choose Music. Option This will notify the app what you’re trying to search for instead of performing a general scan.

Share Snapchat Stories outside of the app.

In the past, Snapchat Stories created in the app did not stay within the app. Today, however, it is possible to share a story with anyone on any platform quickly. Press and hold the account you wish to share, tap the Share button when it pops up, and send your reports wherever you’d like them to take them!

New Recording Tools for Hands-Free Use Are on the way!

The Android alternatives are not perfect; however, Snapchat is apparently testing hands-free recording. You may not require these for very long durations. A report from Mashable from the last year reported that Snapchat had been testing hands-free recording on videos that are up to 60 seconds. I’ve heard nothing since, but if it’s a planned feature, we’ll be able to become more creative with Snapchat, and that’s certainly not an issue!

Have you come across alternatives to recording without pressing the record button of Snapchat? A more practical or elegant method of recording without having to use the record button in Android? Please share your ideas in the comments below if you have any!

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