How to Disable Easy Anti Cheat for Elden Ring

How to Disable Easy Anti Cheat for Elden Ring

Easy Anti Cheat might help protect you from hackers while using Elden Ring online, but to use some features of Elden Ring’s game mods, you’ll need to deactivate the program. Before doing this, you must remember that you won’t be playing online without Easy Anti Cheat running.

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To turn off Easy Anti Cheat to disable it, follow the steps below:

How to Disable Easy Anti Cheat for Elden Ring

  • Open Steam, and then go to Elden Ring within the library
  • Right-click and select Properties
  • Select to select the Local Files option
  • Choose Browse as an option
  • Inside the file Elden Game/Ring, you’ll find a .exe named start_protected_game
  • Change the name of the file .exe to something you will be able to remember by, for example, adding _orig at the end
  • Create a backup of elden_ring.exe
  • Rename it start_protect_game.exe
  • Start the game via Steam.

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Then, Easy Anti Cheat is now disabled, and you can change back on the old .exes anytime you want for online play. Be sure not to attempt to connect online using EAC disabled, or you might be removed from the game or Steam.

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