How to Deposit Checks using Chime App 2022 | Chime Mobile Check Deposit Guide

Deposit Checks using Chime App

If you have an existing Chime account and want to deposit a check using Chime, this guide will take you through the simple steps. Chime lets you deposit a check via their mobile application (also called a photograph check deposit), a simple and efficient method.

In this article, we will provide all the details regarding how to Deposit Checks using Chime App [including stimulus checks], Chime Mobile Check Deposit times limit, cut-off and cut-off times, and Chime mobile check deposit instant. Chime Mobile Check Deposit quick and more.

Chime provides only online banking (without any charges) is among the most popular banking options for tech-savvy younger generations.

The usual method for depositing checks is to present them in person at the branch of your bank and then wait in queues. Also, it could require sending the check via mail which can be very time-consuming.

But, Chime offers the convenience of mobile check deposits. It’s an electronic method of getting your check deposited from the at-home comforts of your own home.

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How can you deposit a check using Chime? 

You can deposit checks using Chime using the Mobile Check Deposit option on Chime App. Simply snap an image of the check. Then, open the Chime application and then tap ” Move Money” (at the bottom), and you will be able to perform the Mobile Check deposit under the “Add funds” section.

Notification: One important point to remember if you do not have the Mobile Check Deposit option. Check deposit is automatically enabled by Chime and only after you’ve received at least $200 in direct payment from your Payroll into Chime. Chime account. It’s active within the first 30 days of receiving the direct deposit (however, some users might still have it enabled in the meantime)

Let’s look at the steps to deposit the check using Chime.

How to Deposit Checks using Chime App Easy Steps

Deposit Checks using Chime App
  1. Start the Chime Mobile App and log in.
  2. Next is to tap on”Browse Money,” then ” Move Money” at the lower right.
  3. Next, tap ” Add Funds.”
  4. Select the next choice, ” Mobile Check Deposit” (camera icon), from the options available
  5. Select the type of account for the deposit of the money (checking or savings)
  6. After that, you’ll be asked to fill in the check amount.
  7. Make sure you sign at the reverse of the paper payee and add “For deposit only” under your signature (Some might prefer writing “For deposit at Chime Only”; however it could be an issue later on if, for reasons beyond your control, the check does not accept at Chime and you decide to deposit at a different institution)
  8. Utilizing your smartphone camera, You now have to capture a picture of the test, both the back and front parts. Be sure that the photo is clear from both sides to minimize the chance of rejection. Clean your camera lens if your image appears blurry or unclear. Make sure you have good lighting so that your camera can detect your examination details. Even the information on the back of your check should be clear.
  9. Check the deposit details, such as the amount, account number, etc., after recording the images.
  10. Confirm the amount of deposit

A few important things to be aware of | Noteworthy points to note

When the Check deposit is made, the deposit will be listed in your pending transactions. When it is placed in the pending category, it can take several hours to wait for Chime to decide whether or not to accept the check.

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Is Chime Mobile Check Deposit Instant? Chime Mobile Check Deposit instant? What is the time frame to deposit a check using Chime?

Deposit Checks using Chime App

Mobile checks deposited through Chime could take as long as three days to show the credit on the balance of your account. The funds are usually paid within 24 hours of acceptance.

In most cases, a check made before the cut-off deadline (not being a holiday, weekend day or bank holiday) will be recorded on the following business day. However, for some high-value checks and dependent on the entity issuing the cheque, this might be delayed for a longer time.

When printed checks are issued for Payroll, the turnaround time is much faster. In some cases, it could also be cleared the next business day.

While your deposit, the check, Chime, provides you with an estimate of how long it will take until the funds are available in the balance in your account.

If you want to cash a check in minutes, it is possible to use Venmo, which offers a quick check deposit for a fee of just a few dollars. I have a blog post that provides what you can do to deposit checks using Venmo.

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Chime Check Deposit cut off when?

Checks deposited before 5 pm Eastern Time on a particular day are typically a credit on the next day of business.

If you make the check after 5 pm on a specific day, it will be processed on the day following and cleared by the 2nd day of business.

Chime Check Deposit Limits?

Deposit Checks using Chime App

It is possible to limit the amount to the deposit of checks to a maximum of $2000 checks and 10 checks in a month.

In some cases, the checks may be rejected due to issues with verifying the cheque information or details of the payee. If the check isn’t showing on your account within 24 hours, you may contact Chime’s hotline.

If, for whatever reason, you’re not capable of depositing a check through Chime even after contacting Chime Support, you are unable to deposit checks with Chime, you may look into alternatives such as Ingo Cash App.

How to deposit mobile money Stimulus Checks using Chime

There is a tab separate in Chime App. There is a separate tab in Chime App to make a stimulus check deposit easier and quicker to pay back. Be aware that this Stimulus Check Mobile Deposit facility is available when you are a Chime’s Spending Account and have a Chime Visa debit card.

Launch the Chime application and tap Move Money at the bottom of your screen. Then, click Mobile Check Deposit and followed by U.S. Treasury.

If you’ve received stimulus money from the government via paper checks, be aware of these tips to ensure a successful deposit-

1. The names on your check should be the same as the name you have on your Chime spending account.

2. To conduct joint stimulus checks, at least one of the filer’s names must match the name of the Chime AccountIf not; it might not be accepted.

3. It is common to sign the reverse of your check and then write ” For a deposit to Chime only”below the signature.

For joint stimulus check, Both signatures are required On the reverse of the back of the.

Chime Mobile Check Deposit Not Working

Chime automatically enables mobile check deposits. However, to enable it, you must have received a minimum $200 direct deposit from Payroll. The mobile check deposit feature is enabled on your application within 30 days from the date of this direct deposit.

If you do not notice the option to deposit checks via mobile on the Chime app, it’s probably due to the absence of direct deposit into your account.

However, as per the Chime website, if you previously had access to mobile Check Deposit before June 1st, 2021, you can still use the feature, even without an eligible direct deposit before the date.

Suppose you’ve successfully made an amount of money into the Chime Account and are looking to transfer the money to a different bank account. In that case, We have a step-by-step guide to transferring money out of the Chime Account to another bank account. Chime Account to another account at banks.


You can easily make a check deposit with Chime by using the mobile deposit option with just only a few clicks. Be sure to take clear photos of your checks and confirm the information before you submit your payment to reduce the risk of rejection. Consider a period of 24 hours to receive the money in your account.

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