How to Delete Your OnlyFans Account | Easy & Best Ways

Delete Your OnlyFans Account

The OnlyFans platform is very well-known as a service for social networking that relies on subscription. It allows users to join their preferred creators or creators for an annual subscription fee.

OnlyFans is an online social network that has revolutionized the lives of content creators and fan connections. Users can even send messages directly to creators and have conversations with them. The platform includes creators and artists from all genres and permits users to make money from their content while building real relationships with their followers.

There are over 100 million users registered worldwide and more than a million creators that they can select from. The site is often associated with adult content since it permits explicit content or pornography; however, it is open to any content genre from experts in physical fitness, musicians, chefs and many other types of entertainers who regularly upload online content.

In recent years, it has become quite popular, allowing influential people to share whatever they like, but it’s not suitable for all users. It requires monthly fees for each content creator that you follow. You may spend too much with OnlyFans since the cost of subscriptions varies for the creator’s profile and is decided by the creators themselves.

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How To Delete Your OnlyFans Account

 Delete Your OnlyFans Account

Additionally, OnlyFans got removed from the Google Play Store and App Store because of violating their conditions. In addition, there are many other reasons to quit OnlyFans. If you do not want to join the social media platform that is subscription-based for any reason, follow these steps to Delete Your OnlyFans Account.

What are the reasons to think about getting rid of Your OnlyFans Account?

OnlyFans is typically associated with adult-oriented content, and due to this, users typically sign up to several creators through the monthly fee of recurring. Every subscription price in price can be very high depending on the creator.

All subscriptions could be quite a lot in a long period; that is a long time for your debit or bank accounts and your credit card. Therefore, it is advisable to stop your subscriptions and possibly even consider deleting your account. It will save you a significant amount of money. You can invest your energy and funds into other productive activities or pursue your new passion.

Additionally, OnlyFans has reportedly been recognized for its ability to evade tax laws and is currently facing numerous accusations of theft and fraud following claims by users and creators of content that have reported having money taken out of their Accounts. Creators of content have suffered the wrath of violence in harassing and stalking their customers or subscribers. There is some controversy over this platform.

Suppose you are not willing to be associated with the kind of business encased in controversy and continue giving your hard-earned cash to a company like this. In that case, you may choose to leave the platform and remove your account permanently.

Note: The deletion of the Account of your OnlyFans account is irrevocable and cannot be restored.

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How to Remove OnlyFans Permanently?

 Delete Your OnlyFans Account
  1. Log in to your Account and choose Options from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select Account on the left side.
  3. Scroll down until the bottom, and then select DELETE ACCOUNT.
  4. Enter the code in the image and select the DELETE ACCOUNT button.
  5. Select YES and DELETE to confirm.

How can I remove my OnlyFans account from my phone?

  1. Use a web-based application on the device you are using.
  2. Visit and sign in to your account.
  3. Click on the profile icon at the bottom of the right-hand part of your display.
  4. Select to select the Setting Option.
  5. Click on the “@” (Account) icon at the top of the menu bar.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click delete account.
  7. Enter the code shown in the image, and then tap to delete the Account.
  8. A confirmation prompt appears; select YES, DELETE.

OnlyFans can send an email confirmation after your Account has been shut down.

After deleting your Account, you will be able to delete the OnlyFans account. Following this, all of your interactions and exclusive content, including all videos and photos content will be deleted permanently. Additionally, you will be removed from all active subscriptions and not be debited again.

Remove OnlyFans profile by contacting Customer Support

 Delete Your OnlyFans Account

If you’re having difficulty deleting your Account manually OnlyFans account, it is possible to do so by contacting Customer Support via email. They can assist you in deleting accounts permanently. Follow the easy step-by-step below to permanently delete your Account:

  • Step 1: Log in to your valid email address and link to your OnlyFans account. 
  • Step 2: Go to the valid email address associated with your Account at OnlyFans.
  • Step 3: Send an email to the OnyFans Customer Support team at [email protected]
  • Step 4. In the email’s subject line, enter ” REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT.”
  • Step 5: Click on send. Customer Support will erase your Account. This could take some time.
  • Step 6: When your Account has been removed, you will receive a confirmation message to your email address. After you confirm, you will see your Account deleted forever.

All your interactions and exclusive content, including all videos and photos, will be deleted permanently. Additionally, you will be removed from all subscriptions you have active and won’t be charged anymore.

How do you proceed when uninstalling Your OnlyFans accounts?

All your information will be deleted from OnlyFans. The active subscription will expire, and it will not automatically renew. If you’re a creator with active subscriptions, your Account will be shut down after the previous subscription’s expiration.

How can you unsubscribe from your OnlyFans creators?

If you wish not to pay for active or unwanted subscriptions to your OnlyFans account, follow the instructions below to successfully unsubscribe from the creators that you follow and not be charged the monthly subscription cost:

  1. Log in to your Account
  2. Click on the next button or look for the profile you’d like to unsubscribe from.
  3. Then turn off the Auto-Renew feature.

Once you have done this, you will be removed from the service. However, be aware that subscriptions are not refundable, and you won’t be able to get your money back. The subscription will continue to be charged for the entire subscription, and you’ll have access to the creator’s profile until the conclusion of your subscription. This will not stop the payment from the following month and beyond if you decide to cancel the subscription.

You can deactivate the auto-renew option on an account if you’d like, and you’ll not be added to the next bill cycle.

How to unsubscribe from your subscription to OnlyFans

If you are just looking to stop receiving emails for certain artists, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the Account you have created with the OnlyFans account.
  2. Visit the profile of the creator you would like to unsubscribe from.
  3. Then, turn off your auto-renew choice.

How do you recover your OnlyFans Account?

The Account you verified to be deleted on Onlyfans will be permanently deleted. However, if you deleted your Onlyfans account by accident or have doubts about it, you can reach out to the OnlyFans Support Team at Customer Support and ask them to reinstate your account. It may not be possible to retrieve the Account you deleted based on the particulars of your particular situation. However, you could test it out and see if the method works.

Go to the contact page of OnlyFans at and fill the form with your name, associated email address, subject of the query, and the actual message describing what your problem is. Make sure you are specific about what transpired and explain the situation the most effective. The support team will get in touch with you via email to help to resolve your issue If it’s feasible.

Does a customer ask for an amount of money back through OnlyFans?

If you’re a customer of OnlyFans, you may have wondered whether you can be able to get a refund for purchases on the website. Let’s look at a few of these scenarios and find out:

Can you get a refund on the subscription?

OnlyFans is not a company with a policy of refunded purchases for subscriptions. The subscriber has access to all content provided by the creator from the moment they have signed up.

In general, all purchases are non-refundable and final. However, you can unsubscribe at any time in any way, any time, to make sure that you won’t be charged for a future subscription.

You can deactivate auto-renewing for a subscription at any point, but you’ll be charged for the entire subscription, and you will be able to access your creator’s Account and the content up to the end of the subscription.

Can you get a refund for an incorrect or accidental tip?

OnlyFans cannot issue refunds to fans who have private messages, paid posts and tips; if you have accidentally left more than you planned to, get in touch with the creator directly to resolve the issue yourself.

OnlyFans is a business that does not have any influence regarding this, and it’s the creators’ responsibility to give you a refund depending on the authenticity and legitimacy of your request. If you have accidentally paid more money than you planned to, it’s entirely dependent on the creator to whom you signed up if they wish the reimbursement.

Be sure to not bother any creators of content since they may be able to suspend your Account. This will block access to the content created by the creator to whom you signed up.

Receive a refund in the balance of your OnlyFans Wallet?

OnlyFans can return the full credit card credit purchase transaction if a customer has used a portion of the Wallet Credits on the site by the Terms of Service; all purchases and subscriptions are considered final and not refundable.

You won’t get the amount of credit you have left in your Account. However, you can apply the balance to whatever you like, even though there is no guarantee of getting a reimbursement.

Can refunds be obtained by contacting the bank you have used to deposit your money?

It is possible to contact your bank or credit card company to request a chargeback for purchases made with your Account if you believe you’ve been hacked or that someone has gained an access point to the Account of your credit card. It is quite likely that OnlyFans will block your card due to fraudulent activity on the website if you proceed by completing the chargeback procedure.

Remember that any money you request a refund or chargeback from your card or bank is taken directly from the creator’s account, and the company doesn’t have any say in the issue.

You should get in touch with your bank or card issuer regarding a dispute if you suspect you’ve been the victim of a cyberattack because your Account is likely to be closed when you receive the funds returned.

Can an individual get an amount of money back from OnlyFans?

If you’re a member of OnlyFans, you may be wondering if you can receive a refund for your purchases on the website. Let’s look at a few of these scenarios and find out:

How do I get a full refund for Onlyfans subscriptions?

OnlyFans doesn’t have the policy of refunding purchases made on subscriptions because the user will be able to access all content provided by the creator when they sign up.

In general, all purchases are non-refundable and final. However, you can unsubscribe in any way, at any time, to ensure that you won’t be charged for a future subscription.

You can disable auto-renewing for an account at any time. However, you’ll be charged for the complete subscription. You will also be able to access the creator’s profile and the content up to the end of the subscription.

How do I get a refund for an incorrect tip?

OnlyFans cannot offer refunds to fans who have private messages, paid posts, and tips. If you accidentally left more than you had intended to, get in touch with the creator directly to resolve the issue yourself.

OnlyFans as a company has no say on this issue, and it’s the responsibility of the creators to decide if they wish to give you a refund on the legitimacy of the demand. If you have accidentally paid more than you expected to pay, it’s up to the program’s creator you signed up for the reimbursement.

Make sure you do not bother any content creators since they are entitled to block your Account. The ban will end your access to content created by the creator you signed up for.

How can you receive an amount back for the balance of your OnlyFans Wallet?

OnlyFans can only return the amount of a full wallet credit purchase. If a user has utilized a portion of Wallet Credits on the site by the Terms of Service, All purchases and subscriptions are irrevocable and cannot be refunded.

There’s no chance of getting back the amount of credit you have left in your Account. However, you can spend the remainder on whatever you want. There is no chance of reimbursement.

How can you request the money back from your bank?

It is possible to make contact with your bank or credit card company to request a chargeback on purchases that you made using your Account if you suspect that someone was hacked or gained the access you have to your bank account or credit card. However, you will probably be blocked by OnlyFans because of fraud on the website if you decide to complete the chargeback procedure.

Remember that any money you request an amount to be refunded or a chargeback via your credit or debit card is taken directly from the balance of the creator, and the business does not have any say in this matter.

It is recommended to get in touch with your bank or card company regarding a payment dispute if you suspect you’ve been a victim of a hack, as your Account is likely to be closed when you receive the cash returned.

Alternatives to OnlyFans

Suppose you don’t want to use OnlyFans anymore because of a reason. There are other alternatives to consider. However, they may differ from OnlyFans, based on the kind of content you create and whether you’re a creator or user. Let’s take a look at the various platforms available and understand what they offer and how they compare against Onlyfans.

Patreon is a subscription-based service that allows content creators to publish content such as photos, videos, text, or photos to their customers. It is home to a vast array of content creators across every field imaginable, from food, cooking, filmmaking, entertainment, gaming, travel and numerous other categories. Members receive exclusive content often before other platforms, such as YouTube creators upload their content. Be aware that Patreon does not allow adult content If that’s what you’re seeking. As discussed below, other platforms allow this kind of content.


Snapchat is a hugely popular social media platform with an astounding quantity of customers. You may have tried Snapchat to communicate with your loved ones, but Snapchat also offers a premium subscription option like OnlyFans. Creators of content have the chance to produce content for which they can charge a monthly subscription. Because there are a vast number of Snapchat users, Snapchat you can choose from a range of creators. Check it out and see the kind of person you’re seeking.


FanCentro is a no-cost subscription-based platform that lets users buy content directly from creators. FanCentro is an adaptable platform that offers various income streams and numerous options that permit creators to market their work in various ways. It is an adult-friendly platform and permits creators to publish adult content if they want. It also has a safe-for-work (SFW) directory for those who do not want explicit content. Its payout rate is very good to the authors.


ManyVids is a second platform like OnlyFans. It allows live streaming as well as video hosting. It is advertised as a “one-stop-shop” for your fans. It also gives creators the ability to directly engage with their fans. Content is exclusively shared through the site. ManyVids is exclusively adult content. Users can sell individual videos subscriptions, subscriptions and live camming services, and physical products on the website. If this is what you’re looking for, you must look it up.


ModelHub is the fan club area of PornHub and offers various ways to earn money, including advertising revenue, videos and even custom-made videos. They also provide tools for the promotion and marketing of their model. It’s a wildly well-liked choice to OnlyFans, and its content is strictly adult in contrast to other sites. It also has a significant number of users, which isn’t surprising considering the extent of the popularity of the parent company. If this type of content is what you’re looking for, this website could be the right one for you.

Final Verdict

If you have any concerns or questions, find the problem in the Help Center of Onlyfans via this link. If you’re struggling and need more assistance, write about your issue in the section for Customer Service on this page by filling out an application.

I hope that this article has helped you get rid of your OnlyFans account or stop receiving unwanted subscriptions. If you’re planning to change to a different platform, I’m sure that you have found the information you’ve been looking for.

Q. If I close my Onlyfans account, will I be being charged?

A. No. After either deleting your Account or cancelling the subscription to Onlyfans, You will not be debited from the following billing cycle. The amount that was debited will not be returned.

Q. Does delete Onlyfans ‘ account end subscriptions?

A. Yes, after you have deleted your Account with Onlyfans, there is no contract. The deletion of the Account will erase all your data and cancel all subscriptions.

Q. Inadvertently, I deleted my Onlyfans account. How can I retrieve it?

A. The deletion is not permanent. But, you can still contact customer support for assistance and request to retrieve your deleted Account. Be aware that it’s difficult to retrieve the Account that was deleted.

Q. I’m a content creator through Onlyfans with some money remaining within my accounts. What happens to the funds if I remove the Account?

A. For creators of content, We recommend that you wait until you receive a payment to close your Account. For customers, the deletion of your profile will start the process of refunding the linked card after the Account is removed.

Q. What do I know to tell when my Onlyfans profile is removed?

A. When you delete your account, you’ll be notified by Onlyfans regarding the deletion. If you did not receive confirmation but have already deleted the Account attempting to login to Onlyfans will inform you that the Account is gone.

Q. I’m unable to delete my account. What can I do to delete it?

A. If Onlyfans doesn’t allow you to remove your profile, contact support. They will assist you in deciding whether to cancel your subscription as well as remove your profile.

Q. Does deleting my Onlyfans account delete my messages too?

A. If you remove Your Onlyfans Account, You are deprived of access to the entire data you have on Onlyfans.

Q. Is it time-consuming to deactivate the Onlyfans account?

A. The process to delete your account is easy and takes no more than five minutes. Also, you will receive confirmation of your Account’s termination in a matter of 5 minutes.

Q. I’d like to remove the Onlyfans account by using the mobile application on Android and iPhone. Can it be done?

A. Onlyfans does not have any mobile apps, be it Android or iPhone. However, you can either cancel the subscription or remove your Account with an app for mobile.

Q. I would like to delete my account, but I don’t possess access to it. How do I remove it?

A. In this case, you’ll need to reset your login credentials and try again to log in. If you’re not able to do this, don’t hesitate to call the customer support department of Onlyfans. They’ll certainly assist you in closing your Account and removing any subscriptions from your account.

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