How to Delete Audit Logs in Discord | 3 Easy Steps

Delete Audit Logs in Discord

Audit logs provide a digital record of all that takes place on Discord servers. Audit logs are a digital record of everything on a Discord server, including who kicks them and who kicked them.

They also include information about bot actions and actions that require admin privileges. These logs are an important record of all that has happened and should be preserved as long as possible. However, Discord audit logs can be deleted.

How to Delete Audit Logs in Discord? You cannot modify, delete, or change audit logs. These logs are created with higher privileges than server owners and serve to keep an irrevocable record of server activity.

This question is frequently asked in Discord forums and online. This question often mentions strange events like mass bans and new admins without an audit log. It begs the question, is it possible to modify or delete audit logs in Discord? No. The logs cannot be altered by anyone, regardless of permission. Discord has confirmed this many times.

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Audit logs on Discord

Delete Audit Logs in Discord

Audit logs are a written record of all that takes place on Discord servers that require admin privileges. They don’t record chats or DMs, messages, or the daily discussion of members. They don’t record when, where, and for how long a member logs in or any other information that a member would not like to be recorded. It’s about specific actions on the server.

Permissions are required for actions such as member kicking, message deletion, member kicking and adding new members.

You can view audit logs and administrator permissions on your server to check them.

  1. Log in to Discord with the permissions you have.
  2. Select Server Settings in the main window, and then select Audit Log from the left menu.
  3. To see what each entry contains, click on it.

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My SwipeTips test server has very few logs, but a live server will have hundreds. At the top, you can see who did what and an overview of their actions. To learn more about each entry, you can click on it individually.

You may need to use filters when you have hundreds of logs. Look at the Audit Log page’s top right, and you will see dropdown menus next to ‘Filter By User’ and “Filter By Action”. This is the place to go if you have a lot of logs to deal with and want to find something specific.

Delete Audit Logs in Discord

Delete Audit Logs in Discord

The audit logs that you’ll see on The Discord Wiki are listed below:

  • Creation, deletion, and updates of channels
  • Channel permission creation, deletion, and updates
  • Emoji creation, deletion, and updates
  • Invite deletion, creation and updates
  • Member kicks, bans, and unbans
  • Updates on the member role and the nickname
  • Role creation, deletion, and updates
  • Server updates
  • Webhook deletion, creation and update
  • Bots and users can delete messages

These are the most common actions that a server administrator or owner would take. There are also moderator actions like bans, kicks, and unbans. You’ll likely see these logs most often or be asked to review the most.

You can add your own logging features to the standard audit logs available in Discord. While the standard logs are sufficient for most situations and server owners, they allow you to add more. Many bots can do this.

One key difference exists between bot-created logs and Discord audit logs. Bot-created logs, on the other hand, can be deleted. Discord logs cannot be deleted because they are sacred. To preserve log integrity, make sure you limit permissions to only you or trusted people.

ProBot is a program I’ve used before. Although I didn’t go into the logs, there are many logs that it can keep in addition to the default logs. This feature is available alongside many other options. If you suspect that something is not being logged on your server, this can be a way to discover it. To ensure accurate logs, make sure you have bot permissions.

Audit logs are an important tool for managing busy Discord servers. You won’t need them if you are lucky. If you are not so fortunate, you will be spending lots of time looking at them!

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