How To Delete A BeReal Post in Just 3 Steps!

How To Delete A BeReal Post in Just 3 Steps!

BeReal is a photo-sharing platform that encourages users to share their photos every day. Sometimes, you upload an image and later discover it’s not a good fit. If that happens this is why we have an article on how to remove a BeReal post.

BeReal was introduced in the year 2020. It’s a picture-sharing and social network application. It encourages users to let their friends know who they are at least for a moment,” by removing filters and chances to overthink, stage or alter images. However, there is a requirement to use BeReal. You must post at least daily simultaneously.

To remove the Bereal First you have to hit the triangle in the Bereal that you posted, then click the delete option that appears. You must then select the reason that you would like to delete the Bereal and then click “Yes I’m sure “.

We’ll discuss more ways to delete BeReal posts. The procedure is simple however, you must know what options are available and where to locate them. We’ll guide you step-by-step through every device. Therefore, without wasting your time we’ll get going.

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How Do I Delete A BeReal Post on iPhone?

If you have on an iOS device and you want to erase the photo from BeReal this is the guide to follow.

First step:Click in the timeline beneath the photo you uploaded.

Step 2. Then click on the ‘Options in the lower right of the pop-up window which opens.

Step 3. Then click ‘ delete my BeReal.

Step 4: Select the reasons why you’d like to remove the BeReal.

Step 5:Then you can click ‘yes. I am certain’.

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How to Remove Bereal Post on Android?

If you are running an android device and wish to erase your photos on BeReal Here is the guide to follow.

Click three dots located on the right of the photo you have posted.

Then click on”Delete my BeReal.

Select a reason for deleting your BeReal photo. This is an option.

Then select “Delete My BeReal.

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How to delete BeReal After Update?

Steps to Get BeReal Picture Out of Your Picture:

1. Open BeReal’s App

The first step is to on your home screen, tap the BeReal application to launch it. Sign in or log in on your existing account.

Step 2. Tap On My Friends Options

Then, on your Main screen of BeReal You will find two tabs at the upper right-hand side on the display. It is necessary to choose”My friends” in the “My Friends” field.

Step 3. Tap Three Dots Horizontal

If you go to the same page, under my friends’ field, you will notice three vertical and horizontal dots. Click on the dots to open them.

Step 4: Select Options

Once you have done that, you’ll find the “options tab” in red. On bottom (corner right) bottom(corner left) on the display, select options.

Android users can skip this step because there won’t be any options tabs that appears on the screen. It is possible to directly proceed to this step.

Phase 5: Click on the BeReal icon to delete post

Then, you’ll see an open-ended bar. Select the ” Remove my post” area to erase your blog post.

6. Pick A Reason

Then, BeReal will inquiree what you are looking for in order to remove the post. There will be a listing of choices you can choose from. Choose the options you like.

Step 7: Tap on Yes, I’m Sure

After that, BeReal will then ask you whether you’re certain to remove the post, or if you’ve changed your opinion. Choose the “Yes I’m sure” option.

Step 8: Hit on Sure

Finally, they will provide you with a message. Just tap Sure to delete any BeReal profile.

How Can I Remove Bereal from Memories in BeReal?

Memories are the part of your profile, where your uploads from the day are kept. If you’d like to erase the photo you uploaded a while time ago, here’s an easy guide to follow.

1. Goto your profile

2. There is a “memories” tab under your profile information. Select ‘view the entire collection’.

3. Select the photo you wish to remove.

4. Hit the three dots located on the upper right.

5. Click on ‘delete memories’. And then confirm.

How to Post on BeReal?

You’ll get a message when you’re ready to take photos. Within two minutes, you should take two pictures in response to your message (one using the rear camera and the other using an front camera). If you are unable to post in that moment when you opened BeReal, then you can open the BeReal application If you do, you will see a message stating ‘Post Be Real’ button. Click the link.

If you’re employing BeReal on iOS. You will then see an option that reads “Post a BeReal”. Click it. Next, take the BeReal photograph. Click on Send. Select the option to send. It is a simple process to view your post on the on the front page or browse it through Discovery and the list goes on. Click again on the’send button. This is the same for Android phones. You can also include an unintentional caption if you wish, and also with the image.

Can you delete the Bereal Post that has a new update?

Bereal Application has been the name of the app that received significant attention and a lot of hype in the beginning of 2020, and has been in the news ever since. Most people know about the benefits this app provides, but there are many users don’t know about the entire thing. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, such as how do you erase Bereal? Bereal? If you want to know the answer to your question about whether it is possible to delete BeReal posts or not, we’re here to inform you that yes , you can delete BeReal posts easy. Continue reading this blog post to learn more about how to delete a BeReal posts.

Can you delete comments on BeReal Posts?

Yes, you can remove the comments that were posted from Your BeReal posting and also the comments you have made in other users’ BeReal posts.

If you’d like to erase the comments within the BeReal blog post then open the comments section. Hold on to the post you want to remove. After that, you will be able to see the delete icon on the top. Clicking it will remove the comment.

If you wish to erase the comment you posted make sure you hold it, then remove it after clicking the delete icon.

Wrapping up

We’ve concluded our guide regarding how to erase the BeReal’s posting. It’s a simple process and we hope you’ve completed the steps successfully and deleted the picture you were hoping to. Have fun with BeReal!.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1. Can You Remove BeReal Photos?

Step 1: After you’ve tapped the post you’d like to remove,

Step 2: Tap three dots at the top-right right.

Step 3: Tap “Delete the Memories” in the menu at the top-right corner of your screen.

Q2. How Do I Create A Brand New BeReal?

BeReal is available for Android as well as iOS users. To begin start, download the application from the respective app store. Enter your phone number, complete name as well as birthday and username to register an account. A confirmation number to the phone number you have entered.

Q3. Is BeReal App Safe?

It is important to note that the BeReal App doesn’t include followers, profiles, likes and messaging. Since it doesn’t incorporate some of the harmful elements of social media platforms This photo-sharing app is more secure However, there are dangers and issues to be aware of.

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