Fire Giant Boss Fight Guide | How to Defeat Fire Giant in Elden Ring

How to defeat The Fire Giant in Elden Ring

Do you require an Fire Giant boss fight walkthrough? As you continue through your primary journey within the Elden Ring, you’ll encounter The Fire Giant in the Mountaintops of the Giants region. It’s a monster you have to take down for every final battle as well as an extremely difficult one. We’re here to provide some of the best tricks that will allow you to make your battle with the Fire Giant an easy endgame fight.

This guide will go over the exact location of the Fire Giant and provide our top 5 strategies to defeat the boss. If you’re looking to locate other bosses who are nearby you, check out the Elden Ring boss locations guide to locate each one of the bosses in Elden Ring.

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Fire Giant location Location of the Fire Giant in the Elden Ring

To locate the Fire Giant You must journey through The Mountaintops of the Giants. To get to the Mountaintops it is necessary to travel to Leyndell. From there, you can go towards Leyndell’s Great Erdtree, where Melina will give you the Rold Medallion. After that, you’ll have to go across the Forbidden Lands (a quite linear area located to the East of Leyndell, Royal Capital) and then head towards Rold’s Grand Lift of Rold, in which you can utilize to use the Rold Medallion to ascend into the Mountaintops.

Once you have reached the Mountaintops then head towards to the Zamor Ruins and go North until you get to the Freezing Lake. Continue to the South, toward the First Church of Marika, combating Borealis the Freezing Fog while you travel. After that, climb the nearby cliffs and head to go South until you get to the Church of Repose, which is the closest Site of Grace to the Arena of the Fire Giant. From there, just continue to the East until you can see the fog wall across the small ravine.

We recommend taking on The Fire Giant at level 110 So you may consider exploring some other regions or finish certain non-PC quests to get to a higher level before you begin. Certain quests, like the Ranni or Fia’s stories, may result in alternative endings you may like to investigate.

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How to Beat the Fire Giant: tops tips for success

The Fire Giant is one of Elden Ring’s most infamous enemies, however a recent issue made fighting the boss simpler. Patch 1.04 introduced an issue that could eliminate The Fire Giant upon reaching the second stage if you’ve recently had a status issue like bleeding or rot. The good news is that FromSoftware corrected this flaw in patch 1.07 that was which was released on April 27th which means that you won’t be able to make use of this flaw.

Below are the top suggestions for overcoming Elden Ring’s Fire Giant in Elden Ring:

  1. Increase your fire damage reduction
  2. Utilize Torrent to remain alert as you work towards
  3. The left ankle is attacked in the initial phase
  4. The attack comes from behind during the 2nd phase
  5. Start the fire orbs in order to stop them from tracker

1. Boost your fire damage negation

Like the name suggests that the Fire Giant deals a hefty amount of damage from fire. However, there are plenty of methods to improve your protection from fire. The most simple item to aid in this can be The Flamedrake Talisman. It’s an potent talisman that can increase the negation of fire damage. It is located inside Groveside Cave in Limgrave.

There are stronger variants of this talisman, hidden in the areas that are late-game, but the process of finding them will be more difficult. It is believed that the Flamedrake Talisman +1 can be found on the edge of the walls of Leyndell, Royal Capital, however, you won’t be able to collect it until you have defeated Morgott and Morgott, the Omen King. Flamedrake Talisman +2 that grants an additional 20% additional negation of fire damage It is available upon killing one of the Beastmen from Farum Azula in Caelid’s Dragonbarrow Cave.

If you’d like to enhance the negation of fire damage more, you could utilize the Fireproof Dry Liver consumable. It functions similarly as that of the Flamedrake Talisman, but it can be made. To create Fireproof Dried Liver, you’ll have to purchase an armorer’s Cookbook (1) from an army camp located at the top of the ridge over Murkwater Cave, also in Limgrave.

For ways to increase your protection from fire consider looking through our list of top armor sets within Elden Ring to find equipment that could increase your chances of avoiding fire damage.

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2. Utilize Torrent to remain agile when approaching

When you get close to towards the Fire Giant, it will typically use a massive metal plate to shoot the snow at your persona. This is a terrifying attack that can instantly cause death. It’s also difficult to escape when walking, which means it’s difficult to begin the fight.

Fortunately, you are able to utilize the Torrent to avoid this blast. It is quicker than you and you’ll be able use its speed to sprint to the other side, and avoid any damage at all.

You can also try to use the Opaline Bubbletear or which is a crystal Tear that creates a unique bubble shield to shield your from the next attack. The fire giant’s sweep attacks could cause fatal damage in just one blow and this Crystal Tear might save you and win the battle in the fight against your Fire Giant. You can get the Opaline Bubbletear from the Erdtree Avatar located at the Minor Erdtree in the Weeping Peninsula.

3. The left ankle is attacked during the initial phase

After you’ve gotten past the first attack you’re primary goal is the Fire Giant’s left end. The Fire Giant’s left leg is its weak spot during the initial phase, so you should try to score as many hits as you can.

There are plenty of pitfalls to avoid when you complain at your ankle’s weak point. Below, we’ll highlight some of the most harmful attack techniques below, which you must avoid when attacking the ankle:

  • If you notice an Fire Giant lift its leg up, it is a sign that it’s about to kick down. Remain calm until the attack is over and then get back into close-quarters and hitting on the ankle of your left.
  • Sometimes it’s possible that the Fire Giant may also crouch down and roll around in the arena but it shouldn’t be difficult. Instead, you can utilize Torrent to follow it through the fields and then move back to a position for running over the ankle.
  • If you observe you see the Fire Giant start to back away from you, be sure to keep your eye on the massive metal plate. The giant will grab it in front of it and then drag it back toward your character in a devastating attack that can cause enormous damage. To prevent this from happening, make sure to get out of the way prior to it starts. Fire Giant starts dragging the plate through the snow.
  • If you see flames beginning to rise up from the ground, attempt to escape The Fire Giant as fast as is possible. The flames will soon explode into flames that rage and cause harm if caught in the zone of impact.

After inflicting some tens of thousands of points of injury in the ankle area, the bandage will tear, giving it the Fire Giant new fire powers. Luckily, you can steer clear of most of these by sitting by your left ankle just as before. This usually stops your Fire Giant from firing out any fireballs since it will be focused on crushing your body with physical assaults instead.

4. Attack from behind during the second phase

In the next phase in the second phase, in the second phase, Fire Giant will fall to the ground, and then rip off its injured leg to increase its firepower. It is possible to avoid the majority of these by striking from the back. Concentrate on dealing harm to the armored foot to decrease the health of the Fire Giant without putting yourself in danger. The Fire Giant is still able to use a variety of fire weapons and will also roll to one side more often, which is why being just behind it is the best place to be.

Although you may observe that strikes to the arms cause greater damage you should avoid hitting the back part of the Fire Giant. If you are standing in front of the giant, he will employ a range of melee weapons that can cause large chunks of damage. The fire giant could stop your fight in a flash and we recommend taking the safe side by attacking behind. This can make the Fire Giant’s attack patterns less limiting and will make fighting much less difficult.

5. Engage the fire orbs in order to stop them from tracking.

In the course of the battle, the Fire Giant may occasionally produce two orbs of flame. They’ll slowly advance towards the player following you wherever you travel. Once they are close enough they’ll begin to shine before extinguishing into an explosive explosion.

They cause a great deal of harm and are likely to follow for a long period of time which makes them difficult to stay clear of. But, you can eliminate them from the area completely by deliberately exploding them. Although this might seem odd but think of it as an controlled detonation. You’re aware of where these explosive orbs are and the best way to eliminate them from the battlefield. So, aim early instead of floating them around, which could be able to catch you out later on in the battle.

If you see the Fire Giant summons these orbs Move closer to them so that they glow, immediately flee. The orbs’ pulses will be brief and allow you to retreat to an appropriate distance before they explode. The ability to control the explosions will make it easier to avoid dangerous fire orb sneak attacks later.

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