How to Create Custom Netflix Profile Picture | 1 Easy Method

Custom Netflix Profile Picture

Each Netflix account can include as many as five profiles. Each has its own settings, recommendations, and personalizations.

When you create a profile, Netflix will assign the default profile image, and you can modify it using a list of avatars that are approved by Netflix. But it’s not able to permit you to choose an individual picture.

We’ll show you how you can create a Custom Netflix Profile Picture for your desktops with the use of a browser extension.

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How do I get a Custom Netflix Profile Picture on the Desktop?

How to Create Custom Netflix Profile Picture | 1 Easy Method

When you try this trick, keep in mind that this is a local update only. Although your profile image will appear different in your browser, it will not be updated across other gadgets. To learn more, check out our article on how to alter your Netflix profile image; however, you can’t make a customized image.

To start, you must install to install a Google Chrome browser extension called Custom Profile Picture to use Netflix. When you are in the Google Chrome Store, click Add to Chrome, then select the Add extension option from the pop-up.

If you’re already signed into the account on your Netflix accounts, then you’ll be directed to your profile page under the new tab once you’ve installed it. If not, log into your account and stay at the profile page whenever you’re asked to create the profile.

To set the profile picture, you want to use:

  1. Select the extension icon on the top right corner of the Google Chrome tab and select Custom profile pictures on Netflix.
  2. In the Custom profile picture upload box, choose the profile that you would like to change to.
  3. After clicking Next to Click on Image. Select the image. You’ll be taken to the computer’s folders.
  4. Choose the image you would like to use, select the file, and click to open it. Make sure the image is less than 5MB.
  5. Once you have uploaded the photo, it is possible to alter its location using the icons of the Alignment box. This is an equivalent tool for cropping.
  6. If you’re satisfied with your crop, simply close this extension and close it. Restart the Netflix page, and you’ll see your brand new personalized profile image.

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Create Netflix Perfect for You

How to Create Custom Netflix Profile Picture | 1 Easy Method

The choice of profile images that Netflix provides is very restricted. If you install the Google Chrome extension and these simple steps, you are able to make any profile photo you want.

After that you have your profile photo done, you can explore the rest of the options for customization that Netflix offers to enhance your enjoyment.

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