How To Copy Movie To Ps5

How To Copy Movie To Ps5

If you’ve been capturing long hours of video footage from your PS5 game You’ll need some way to transfer the uncompressed footage onto your computer so that editing it. it’s what we’re all looking to achieve, isn’t it? If this is the situation, and you’re struggling to transfer these massive files off your PS5 and onto your PC, we’ll give you a few suggestions to help you out here.

In this article, we’ll provide three strategies that you can employ to transfer the video footage you have taken from your PS5 with the highest quality. Even if you don’t succeed in the first and third options, it will be accessible to all regardless of whether it has the lowest overall quality. Whatever setup you are using, you’ll be able transfer your PS5 video footage to your PC using the steps listed below.

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ExFAT USB Transfer

A USB drive can be the ideal method of transferring data from the PS5 onto other systems even if transfer speed isn’t exactly smooth. If you’re transferring the largest file, your USB drive needs to be formatted with exFAT. FAT32 is the most popular storage type, however, you won’t be capable of storing files greater than 4GB. However, an hour’s worth of PS5 footage could easily go over 8GB. Follow the instructions below for this procedure to be successful:

  • Make sure you connect the USB device to your computer and then right-click it within File Explorer. Choose Format or Format to format as an exFAT device. If your device already exFAT, then you can bypass this step.
  • Make sure you connect to the USB drive into your PS5.
  • Visit Your Media Library, and find the video file you want to transfer.
  • Click Options on the file, then select Copy to USB Device.

Now you’ll be able to open the file on your computer However, make sure you’ve set the file’s type to MP4 in your PS5 before recording any thing!

Cutting Videos Down

If you cannot convert your USB drive for some reason, you can still use it in the FAT32 format, but not in a single step. If you utilize the video editor in PS5 to cut each video to about 20 minutes in length, then the file’s size is lower than 4GB. This means it can be stored on the FAT32 drive.

This isn’t the most practical method to use, and cutting the clips into 3 distinct pieces can be very time-consuming However, if you reasons beyond your control are unable to format your drive in any way it is possible to use this method.

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Uploading To YouTube First

The last option is to upload your video to YouTube. When you link to your PSN account and the YouTube accounts, you will be able to upload your entire hour-long video to YouTube.

You can then access Your Creator Studio page on YouTube through a browser and you’ll be in a position to download the video from there. The issue with this is that the video uploaded will be compressed to a significant degree, and if keeping the quality of the video is important to you this is the most disappointing option.

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