How To Convince Your Parents To Get Snapchat

How To Convince Your Parents To Get Snapchat

Snapchat is an excellent form of social media that allows you to share your friends’ pictures that disappear after a couple of seconds. While the app is entertaining, some parents believe it’s unsafe or that you’re too young to be using it. Try convincing your parents to allow you to use Snapchat by asking them to install the app respectfully and then negotiating compromises that make them more comfortable with you using Snapchat.

How to Ask Your Parents

  • Let them know that you are accountable. Your parents will not allow you to use Snapchat If you’re not responsible. Let them know that you’re a good kid, and they’ll believe in you more when you use Snapchat. Complete your chores, complete assignments, or help in the home. This will demonstrate to your parents that you’re capable of handling having Snapchat. If you already use another kind or type of Social Media, such as Instagram or Facebook, make sure you don’t share any inappropriate content, or your parents might believe you’re sufficient to be accountable to use Snapchat.
  • Please find the best time to talk to them. Be sure that you bring up the subject of Snapchat at the right time. Don’t ask if your parents are at work or asleep. Please choose a suitable time to have them ask when they’re not stressed or distracted. When you can ask your parents are during mealtime or while driving.
  • Begin by saying, “Mom, as well as Dad, may I talk with you for a moment?
  • You can ask them to do so calmly and courteously. If you ask your parents if they would like you to use Snapchat, ensure that you’re courteous and calm. Don’t scream, yell or plead. Your parents are more likely to refuse people who have a temper instead of being polite and patient when they need to ask. Say something such as, “Is there any possibility that I could install the Snapchat app Snapchat?
  • Please give a reason why you’d like it. It would help if you had a good reason for deciding to join Snapchat. Tell them how it will allow you to get social and participate in a group of friends. Think about how you’ll use it to stay closer to your friends and make new connections in school. Explain to your students why it’s the best method of staying connected to people better than just texting because you can see what other people are doing. Think of something like, “Many students in the school have the app, but I feel excluded from discussions and groups due to the fact that I do not have it. If I get the app, I’ll be able to interact with more people and be closer to other kids at school.
  • Tell us how you plan to use it responsibly. Parents might be worried about Snapchat due to how fast images disappear. That means that many users are using Snapchat to share inappropriate pictures. Discuss with your parents what you’ll do not to transmit anything wrong, and also that you are aware of the dangers involved in users taking pictures of your images regardless of whether the photos are technically “disappear.” You could say, “I swear that I will take responsibility for Snapchat. I promise not to post or transmit any inappropriate content. I know that, even though photos are deleted, people can still capture screenshots of what I post. But I’ll only utilize Snapchat with my most trusted acquaintances.

Ask them what they feel uneasy about using the app. If your parents refuse to let you download it, ask them to explain why they aren’t. Knowing why they don’t want you to download the app could aid in convincing them to allow you to download it.

Suggesting Compromises

Suggesting Compromises

Discuss setting limit time. If your parents aren’t keen on you having Snapchat due to their concerns about you using too often, think about an alternative with time limitations. You agree to spend for a specific amount of times a day, but with your phone off. Make a promise not to utilize it during class or when you go to sleep.

You can suggest that they control your list of friends. Letting your parents manage the Snapchat friends list may help them feel more confident with Snapchat. They will be able to ensure that you’re only speaking to those they trust and know. They may have rules that say you shouldn’t be able to have children of the other gender on your Snapchat, or they may only wish to connect with to have friends on your Snapchat whom they’ve been in contact with. It is acceptable to conduct “friends check-lists” to ensure that you adhere to the rules.

Accept to set the settings of the app to be private. Explain to them that you can change the app’s settings so that only those in your friend list can send you photos or messages. In this way, you won’t be receiving random messages and pictures from strangers.

  • Inform them that they have the option to block users on Snapchat who they are not comfortable with.

Accept not to read the stories of the media Snapchat Stories. Your parents might not want to use Snapchat due to the levels of media outlets like MTV or Buzzfeed. Your parents may be worried about the inappropriate content appearing in these stories. You can promise not to view these stories if you are offered Snapchat.

Persuade them that you’ll never feel insecure because of the filter. Sometimes, filters can make you anxious and want to wish you looked perfect. Let your parents know that you’re competent to use them because they’re not true.

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