How to Convert PowerPoint to Word for Free [Window, Mac, Online]

How to Convert PowerPoint to Word for Free [Window, Mac, Online]

PPT presents content visually to the audience with text, images, colors and animations. Many people use Microsoft PPT to create presentations for introducing company products and presenting their academic results. However, the editability of PPT files cannot be compared to that of Word files.

You may want to convert some PPT to Word files for storage or editing. So how to convert PowerPoint to Word documents? Nowadays, file format conversion tools are generally for PDF, and the interconversion of such office documents will seem slightly more complicated. We will explore three simple ways to convert PowerPoint to Word together.

Detailed Steps to Convert PowerPoint to Word on Windows

Without the help of any three-party software, follow the simple instructions below to convert PowerPoint slideshows to editable Word documents on Windows desktop.

Step 1. Export the PPT File

Open the PowerPoint file you need to convert to Word on your Windows device. Select the File tab in the upper left corner of the menu bar, and then click the”Export” in the left panel.

Step 2. Create Handouts and Set Page Layout

From the options on the Export menu, select “Create handouts”, and then click the “Create handouts” button on the right side of the screen.

 The “Send to Microsoft Word” pop-up window will open, and you will be able to select the desired page layout according to your needs.

How to Convert PowerPoint to Word for Free [Window, Mac, Online]

Also, if you check the “Paste” button, the changes you make to the PowerPoint slideshow will not be reflected in Word in real time. But if you check the “Paste link” button, once you update the original PowerPoint, your Word document will also be updated automatically.

Step 3. Convert PPT as Word 

After clicking the “Ok” button to finish the setup, the PPT file will automatically open as a Word document in a new window. You can now edit PowerPoint in Microsoft Word.

How to Convert PowerPoint to Word for Free [Window, Mac, Online]

Step-by-step Tutorial to Convert PPT to Word on Mac

Follow the instructions below to convert PowerPoint documents to editable Word files on MacBook. Without any steep learning curve, you can complete the conversion between PPT to Word format in three steps.

Step 1. Open the PPT Slide

Open your target PowerPoint presentation on your MacBook, go to the top File menu and drop down to select the “Export… “option.

How to Convert PowerPoint to Word for Free [Window, Mac, Online]

Step 2. Export the PPT as RTF File

In the “Save as” text box, name the file whatever we want to name it and choose the location to store it. 

Under “File Format”, we select “Rich Text Format (.rtf)”. Then click the Export button to save your PowerPoint as a new .rtf document.

How to Convert PowerPoint to Word for Free [Window, Mac, Online]

Step 3. Open the RTF File with Microsoft

 Next, locate the converted .rtf file in your MacBook, right-click the file and choose Open with Microsoft Word to open it. the PPT file is successfully converted to a Word document.

How to Convert PowerPoint to Word for Free [Window, Mac, Online]

Easy Steps to Convert PPT to Word Document Online

In addition to Windows and Mac systems, PDFgear online tool also supports Linux, iOS and Android systems. That means you can access PDFgear on any device and convert PPT to editable Word files. Let’s check how to use PDFgear to convert PPT to Word.

Step 1. Upload the PPT File to Online Converter

Access PDFgear online PPT to PDF Converter from any of your browsers.

How to Convert PowerPoint to Word for Free [Window, Mac, Online]

Drag and drop the PPT file to the online converter, or click the “Select the files” button to upload your PPT file.

Step 2. Convert PPT to Word

The tool will immediately convert your file to PDF, and then provide you with a download button.

How to Convert PowerPoint to Word for Free [Window, Mac, Online]

Download the converted PDF file and upload it to the online PDF to Word Converter. The conversion task will be completed within five seconds.

Step 3. Download the New Word File

Save the converted Word file to your device, and it’s done.

How to Convert PowerPoint to Word for Free [Window, Mac, Online]

Essentially, PDFgear will convert your PPT to PDF first, and then create Word from the PDF. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Convert PowerPoint to Word

What is the best software to convert PPT to Word?

A simple search on Google Chrome will bring up a bunch of search results containing software to convert PPT to Word. But the really difficult part is the next step when you have to choose the best software from them. After we have tried many times, we found that Adobe Acrobat, PDFgear, SmallPDF are good choices, they can effectively help you deal with the conversion of PPT to Word.

How to Convert PPT to Word on Windows?

In addition to the three methods provided above, here is an additional method to help you change PowerPoint to Word on Windows: Open PPT, press “Ctrl+A” key to select all the content in the outline > or click the right mouse button and select “Copy”>Create a new Word file, and then paste the copied contents into the Word file.

Is it safe to Convert PPT to Word Online?

The above mentioned method of converting PPF slides to Word files online is safe, and PDFgear takes security as a priority. The web server will delete all the files you have uploaded after you leave the site, so there is no security risk or privacy breach.

How do I convert a PowerPoint to a Word document offline?

Free download PDFgear to your device>click to open PDFgear software after successful installation>convert your PowerPoint file to PDF first>then convert PDF to an editable Word document.

The Bottom Line

The three methods mentioned above can easily help you achieve your conversion goals, and you can choose a more suitable method according to your needs. If spend too much effort on the task of converting PPT to Word,  it is time-consuming and tedious.

If you have lots of conversion tasks to handle daily, what you exactly need is a professional converter software. PDFgear desktop supports batch converting files, don’t hesitate and give PDFgear a try.  Anyway, I hope this post shared here can be helpful to you.

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