How to Clear Twitter Cache and Search History on PC and Phone

Clear Twitter Cache

Twitter’s iOS and Android apps and its website keep an archive of information that can be used to display your content faster. Although cache files are generally beneficial as they help improve your experience and make it quicker, particularly in situations with inconsistent internet connectivity, they may result in issues with account logins, app functions, and features.

If you’re experiencing issues with your Twitter app, it could be because of an issue with the app’s cache. Although Clear Twitter Cache on your computer’s browser is essential to remove Twitter’s cache, this article will show you how you can remove the cache from your Twitter app for iOS and Android.

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How to Clear Twitter Cache on iOS/Android

Here are some tips you can use to clean the cache of Twitter on the iPhone, iPad, and Android easily.

Clear Twitter Cache on iOS

Clear Twitter Cache

Step 1. Launch the Twitter app on your iPad or iPhone. Choose”Settings and Privacy” from the Hamburger symbol (three horizontal lines) and then select ” Settings and Privacy.”

Step 2. Tap in ” Data usage” under General. Tips Storage and Web Storage Storage and Web Storage are both available in Storage.

Step 3. By clicking ” Clear media storage,” You will be able to erase all your images and GIFs. If you’d like to see one image, you’ll need to download them again.

Step 4. When you click ” Web Storage,” There are two choices: ” Clear web page storage” and ” Clear all web storage.” Website page storage needs that your device downloads the data to be able to read it. “Clear all web storage” erases everything, including cookies and logins.

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Delete Twitter Cache on Android

Clear Twitter Cache

If you’re on Android, it is necessary to make the change via settings on your device, whereas you can clear Twitter’s cache on iOS through the in-app settings. They aren’t specific to Twitter However, the same methods can be employed to eliminate the cache or data stored on any app running on Android.

Step 1. Go to the Android device’s settings, and then select ” Apps & Notifications.”

Step 2. If you’ve previously used Twitter, It will show underneath ” Recently opened applications” on the next page. If not, you can visit the ” See all applications menu” and look for and select Twitter.

Step 3. Tap ” Storage & cache” on the next page. Select ” Clear Cache.”

If you clear Twitter’s cache, you’ll find that the option to clear cache is now greyed out and not accessible, and the value next to the cache has been reduced to zero.

If you’re a Samsung user, You can follow these steps:

How to Clear Twitter Cache and Search History on PC and Phone

You can go to “Settings” > “Apps” and locate “Twitter,” click on “Storage,” and you will find”Storage,” then click on the “Clear Cache” button. Click it to clear the entire Twitter caches in your Samsung.

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Uninstall Twitter and Redownload

Another method to clear the cache on your device is to reinstall the application again.

For iPhone:

  • Launch “Settings” on your iPhone.
  • Click ” General” Then ” iPhone Storage.”
  • Go into ” Manage Storage” under the ” Storage” section.
  • Scroll down the app’s list, and then select ” Twitter” This will display the entirety of the storage capacity utilized by the app beside it.
  • “Tweet” and tap ” Twitter” Then ” Delete App.”
  • Visit the Appstore to download the Twitter application.

For Android:

  • An easy method of uninstalling any app running on Android is to press and hold the app until options appear.
  • Select ” uninstall” from the menu options that appear.
  • After uninstalling, go to Google Play Store to redownload the Twitter app. You can also go directly to and search for it.

How to Remove Twitter Search History on Computer or Mobile Device?

If you search for something on Twitter, the site will remember your search to let you find it easily when you next want to look it up. If Twitter offers suggestions, it uses the history of your searches to build a profile of your profile and also shows you additional things you may like or would like to see.

If your tastes have changed and you don’t want to receive information from your searches, removing it is a simple alternative. It is also possible to erase any search histories from time to clean up the search results. Whatever your reasons for wanting to purge the Twitter searches, we’ll show you the best way to complete it.

Clear Twitter Search History on PC

It’s fairly simple and easy to clear Twitter search history from your computer. Follow these steps:

Step 1.Log into your Twitter account on either a Mac or PC.

Step 2. Navigate towards the search bar.

Step 3. On the uppermost part of the drop-down menu with suggestions, Next to ” Recent,” Click on the word ” Clear all.”

Remove Twitter Search History on Phones (iPhone and Android)

Step 1. Tap on the magnifying glass symbol located at the bottom of the screen to navigate the Search tab.

Step 2. At the very top, press on the Search Bar.

Step 3. Click the tiny ” x” icon beside ” Recent searches” to erase all your search history.

Completely delete the cache and search history from Twitter.

Uninstalling the Twitter application would erase all of its information, not just the cache. Therefore, uninstalling it is not an option if you have critical documents within the Twitter application. A suitable solution to deal with all of this is to download the test version of the iMyFone Umate Professional iPhone Cache Cleaner. It will clear the caches of all apps (including Twitter caches) on iPhone in a single touch without affecting your important personal documents.

You can download the application for free on your laptop or PC to remove any unnecessary data, like Twitter caches, from your iPhone and improve the performance of your iPhone.

Main Features:

  • Get rid of 30+ types of junk files in a click.
  • Clear temporary files, ineffective files to clear enormous space
  • Export and erase large video audio files, as well as photos
  • Check all apps in order of size, then remove these, e.g., Facebook, Snapchat.
  • Remove deleted files previously to cleanse them thoroughly.

Methods to clear Twitter caches from iPhone By using iMyFone Umate Pro

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer, and start the application.

Step 2. When the program starts, open”Junk Files” and click the ” Junk Files” tab.

Step 3. Once the scan has been completed After the scan is completed, choose ” Clean” to start removing all junk documents from your iPhone and also Twitter caches.

NOTE: If you wish to erase Twitter fragments of files permanently, choose “Erase Private Fragments” from the menu on the left.

After the process is completed, you’ll be able to see the amount of space iMyFone Umate Pro has saved for your iPhone; it makes it easier to manage the Storage of the iPhone’s Storage and helps to make the whole process faster in addition to more productive.


The tips listed above can be beneficial to frequent Twitter users, particularly when the Twitter application has increased in size and has a massive “Documents & Data” storage load. Also, deleting caches and Storage can let you free up some storage space in either your iPhone, Android, or PC. To accomplish this easier, utilize the Umate app from iMyFone. Pro application.

FAQs: More Tips About Twitter Deletion

1. How can I save the search you made on Twitter?

Step 1. Start Twitter and then click on the Explore tab.
Step 2. Input your search in the box for searching.
Step 3. On the top of your results page, Tap the overflow icon and then tap Save.
Step 4 The pop-up menu that appears will display your saved searches the next time you click on the search bar.

2. How can you get rid of Twitter’s followers?

Step 1. To clean up your followers, you can use your Twitter application to remove people you don’t want from your list of followers.
Step 2. Access your profile. Browse through your account and block each one manually, then remove each account that you don’t wish to have following you.
Step 3. This will cause them to stop following you.

3. How do you delete tweets and Retweets?

Select “Delete” or the “Delete” link located beneath the tweet to erase a tweet. The tweet will be removed for good. In contrast, select the “retweet” icon for deleting any retweets and remove the tweet. It’s that easy!

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