How to Chromecast HBO GO to TV | 3 Possible Cases

How to Chromecast HBO GO to TV | 3 Possible Cases

HBO Go can be described as an online streaming service from HBO. However, as of July 31, 2020, HBO Go is no longer available. The HBO Go app isn’t available. However, it’s accessible via the official website.

Access to the app is automatically denied for users who have used the app prior. Fortunately, it was good that the HBO Go app got replaced by HBO Max present; HBO Go users can access the HBO Max app at no additional cost.

If you are a fan of HBO Go, it is possible to go to the HBO website and begin to stream the content. At the moment, you can Chromecast HBO GO to your TV via the internet browser.

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Chromecast HBO Go to your TV

How to Chromecast HBO GO to TV | 3 Possible Cases

As we mentioned earlier, You are able to cast Chromecast HBO Go only by accessing HBO Go. You can access the HBO Go site from a web browser. In terms of PC and Mac is concerned, all you have to do is cast the tab in Google Chrome. However, for smartphones, you will need to mirror your smartphone’s screen.

Chromecast HBO Go From a Computer via Google Chrome

1 Configure the Chromecast device with your TV.

2. Connect your PC and the Chromecast device to your identical WiFi networks. It is essential to establish connections to each device.

3. Open your Google Chrome web browser on your computer. Go to the HBO Go Official Website www.hbogo.euor http://www.hbogo.EU/. Log into your account.

4: Right-click any area on the screen, and then select to select the option to cast. Option. If not, you will locate the casting option in the menu with three dots.

5. In the available devices, choose your Chromecast device.

[6 [6 In the Sourcesdrop-down, choose your “Cast Tab” option. The current tab will begin streaming to your TV.

Now you are able to successfully screencast HBO Go contents to Chromecast. In the same way, you can cast HBO now on Chromecast TV.

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Screen Mirror Smartphone to Get HBO GO on Chromecast

How to Chromecast HBO GO to TV | 3 Possible Cases

We can’t cast Google Chrome from smartphones. Therefore, we must mirror the whole screen of your phone on your Chromecast device.

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From Android Phone

1: Install Your Chromecast device. Connect to a WiFi network.

2 Then, connect your phone’s mobile to the same WiFi network.

3 Go to the Control center at the top and then tap on the “cast” icon. You can also go into Settings > Connected devices >Connection Preferencesthe Cast option.

Android – Screen Mirroring

4. Choose your personal Google Chromecast gadget from the available devices.

Screen Mirror – Start Now

5 Click “Start” in the pop-up warning. Your smartphone will mirror on a Chromecast-connected TV.

6.: Start an internet browser on your Android phone and visit HBO Go. HBO Go official website [www.hbogo.euor[www.hbogo.EU/].

7 Log in to your account and stream your favorite video to stream it directly to your Screen.

YouTube Go from Chromecast HBO Goes from iPhone.

How to Chromecast HBO GO to TV | 3 Possible Cases

In the case of the iPhone is related, we will require any third-party apps to mirror our Screen. The apps such as Replica, Screen Mirror for Chromecast, Streamer for Chromecast, etc., can assist you in doing this.

Screen Mirror iPhone

1 Set up your Chromecast device and connect it to the WiFi network.

2 Join your iPhone via your iPhone to the same WiFi network.

3 Download any of these applications via the App Store. Open the Screen mirroring app.

4 Navigate to Connect >> Screencast >> Start Broadcast. Select the Chromecast device you want to use and then tap to begin Broadcasting or connect.

5 Use any browser on the Internet and go to HBO Go. HBO Go website. Register with your HBO Go account.

6. Choose your preferred video or audio and stream it to your smart TV with Chromecast connectivity.

1. Why is HBO Go not working?

HBO owns three apps. The company recently rebranded HBO Now as the HBO app and HBO Go together with HBO Max.

2. How can you tell the differences between HBO Max as well as HBO?

The difference lies in the content they offer. HBO Max includes content from the Warner media as well as HBO life, among others. However, HBO is limited to the content of HBO TV.

3. Can I Chromecast HBO Max App?

Yes, you can use Chromecast through the HBO Max app. Make sure you connect to your Android and iOS mobile phone with a Chromecast gadget to the exact WiFi connection. Click the casting icon on the top-right side while watching any video. Select to use your Chromecast device. You can also play your HBO Max app on Google TV.

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