How to Cheese Malenia Elden Ring

A rare, well-known Elden Ring weapon can be used to sabotage the battle with Malenia, who is the most difficult to beat the boss of the Lands Between.

Inside The Elden Ring community-fighting Malenia, Blade of Miquella is now a rite of passage. The toughest to beat in the game, and one of the most difficult challenges in any FromSoftware game, It’ll usually require either total mastery over her battle or a cooperative summoning like”Let Me solo Her to knock her down. However, some players have come up with other ways to take on her.

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How to Cheese Malenia Elden Ring

A good example of the Malenia strategy that players used was their Crucible Horns Incantation as a way to charge, which allowed them to take the boss off the air every time she performed Waterfowl Dance. Another strategy was to equip their Mimic Tear with a cannon to serve as a different method to shock Malenia. The most recent strategy is fighting Malenia all by themselves, and the secret to success is the weapon known as Ghiza’s wheel.

Where To Get Ghiza’s Wheel

Elden Ring fans can find Ghiza’s Wheel inside Volcano Manor, which houses the massive weapon being dropped by the inquisitor phantom Ghiza following a brief struggle. If the players go upstairs after reaching the Manor located in Mt. Gelmir, there is a chance to meet the enemy and take its weapon. The most distinctive weapon available in games is the Ghiza’s Wheel, a huge round blade that can rip into enemies and then spin to cause serious damage. It turns out it can stun with great power, which one player has employed to great effect in his fight against Malenia.

Ghiza’s Wheel Against Malenia

Reddit user FriesWithNoKetchup employed”the “pizza cutter” to decimate Malenia using the secret to push Malenia up on the wall. If it can be accomplished effectively, Malenia cannot move, permitting players to destroy her health bar with no attack being able to activate. This is exactly what can be evident in the video, and if players need FP and stamina, they can make use of the community-generated pizza cutter to create Malenia, the ultimate cakewalk.

The secret to success can be found in one of the most effective techniques, which is the Spinning Wheel weapon art, which involves the person aiming the huge weapon and inflicting damage on whatever is in front of them. This works effectively against Malenia because she can’t hit the person in front of her because each time she tries to hit them, she’s damaged by the wheel spinning, and the attack fails. It appears like the pizza cutter technique has been working since the team, made up of Elden Ring fans led by an explicit iguana, all utilized Ghiza’s Wheel in a battle against Malenia.

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With around a thousand upvotes for each post, people in the Elden Ring community seem to be in love with this fresh approach to Malenia’s boss fight. Although Ghiza’s Wheel is considered to be one of the most fun weapons available in the game, it has its place in the game. Its ability to defeat such a powerful boss is amazing and illustrates how inventive the community can be in the creation of strategies.

Elden Ring is available across PCs, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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