How to change the volume on Roku

How to change the volume on Roku

There’s more to changing the volume on Roku than simply moving it upwards or downwards using the remote. Learn how to alter the sound volume in Roku.

Are you looking to alter the volume of your Roku device? It’s easy enough to control the volume using it with the remote. However, what happens if you’re looking for a more powerful sound?

You can change the Roku audio settings to enhance the sound quality while watching TV or movies. For basic volume control it is also possible to utilize the remote, however in the event that you lose it, there are alternatives to explore.

In this article we’ll teach you how to control the volume of your Roku and also configure the setting for audio on your Roku.

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How do I Change Roku Volume via the remote

The ability to change the volume of your Roku with your physical remote can be the simplest method. It is possible to use the volume knob located on the right side to alter the volume.

Some remotes have some remotes also have a Mute button, usually if they came with a Roku TV.

It is also possible to have the remote control the sound of your TV. Every television is different however you can begin by clicking the Settings menu > Remotes and devices > Setup remotes to control TV and then following the instructions on screen.

It’s important to keep in mind that Roku remotes cannot be swapped. In the majority of cases you’ll need the identical remote that came with the device.

Utilize your Roku Mobile App

Another method to alter the volume of Roku is to use this cost-free Roku mobile application that is available for Android or iOS.

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To alter the volume of Roku by using the mobile application:

  1. Start Roku, then launch the Roku app and choose the devices.
  2. You must wait until your device connects, if it hasn’t already.
  3. Click to the remote icon underneath that Roku gadget you’re currently using.
  4. The screen will appear on the remote you can change the volume with buttons volume UpVolume down or Mute buttons located at the lower right-hand corner on the display.
  5. Click the headphones icon If you wish to utilize headphones to use the privately listening feature using headphones. The sound is delivered through headphones, not the television. This is useful when you’re watching TV but you don’t want to wake others in the home.

How do I Change the Audio in the Menu on Roku

Your Roku will play audio when you move through the interface. If you require it to be louder in order to be more accessible or want to completely turn it off You can alter the volume in Settings.

To alter the sound of the menu to Roku:

  1. Click the Home button on your Roku remote, then start Settings..
  2. From Settings, select the menu for Audio..
  3. Choose the volume or level you would like the menu to be. You can also choose the option Off to deactivate the menu’s sound completely.

How do I Modify Roku Audio Settings

Roku automatically picks the most suitable audio settings. Based on the configuration of your set-up for home theatre, it may need to alter the Roku audio settings by hand. Making these adjustments can alter the volume of Roku.

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To alter the sound settings for Roku:

  1. Click The button Home button, then open Settings..
  2. Go towards the audio section, and then adjust the Digital output formatAudio modeStreaming audio format as well as any other settings you can find.

Be aware that the audio settings will depend on the Roku model and home theater system’s settings. It’s a trial-and-error process, however, the change in volume could surprise you following certain adjustments.

Adjusting Roku Audio Settings

There’s more to changing the Roku volume other than moving the volume rocker of the remote. While it’s simple to do this with the remote that’s physically attached It’s helpful to know that there are additional alternatives, such as the Roku application.

Do you want to do more with the capabilities of your Roku device? For example, you could connect your Roku to Wi-Fi with no remote or even create an Roku screensaver that you can use with your pictures. It is also possible to use your Apple Watch to control Roku via an Apple Watch or watch Apple TV on Roku.

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