How to Change the Billing Address on Amazon | Easy Simple Steps

Change the Billing Address on Amazon

If you’re seeking to change your account’s billing information on Amazon, you’re on the right page. We will provide a step-by-step guide on how to Change the Billing Address on Amazon regardless of whether it’s your residence address or your shipping address.

Amazon offers the most convenient ways for getting the goods you’d like delivered right to your door. One advantage of Amazon is selecting different addresses for delivery by the situation.

However, before that, are you aware of the distinction between a billing and shipping address on Amazon?

Amazon’s billing address for Amazon can be described as the location directly connected to the card or payment method (i.e. credit or debit card etc.) that you will use to make payments for Amazon Orders. The address you associate with the card is referred to as “the Billing address.

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What Is Amazon’s Billing Address?

Change the Billing Address on Amazon

As the name implies, the shipping address is the address to which you wish to receive the products from fulfilling the purchase on Amazon Order.

In other words; it is a Billing address is a permanent address that is directly connected to your credit account or method of payment.

At the same time, the address for shipping may be different from order to purchase according to where you would like to receive your delivery.

The billing address is saved to Amazon as part of your debit or credit card information.

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How can I Change the Billing Address on Amazon?

Change the Billing Address on Amazon

To change your billing address in the Amazon App:

  1. Tap on the Person Icon on the home page.
  2. Select “Your Account” from the list of choices and scroll to choose “Manage payment options”.
  3. Find the card with the billing address you wish to change and click the “Edit” option.

To update the billing address on Amazon desktops:

  1. Click “Accounts and Lists” on the Amazon Home page.
  2. Choose “Payment options” on the next page and then choose the card whose billing address must be changed.
  3. Click on the “Edit” option next to the card, and you’ll be presented with the alternative for “Change” billing address on the next page.

The billing address could be selected from any of your addresses. Or you can add the address from scratch at this point.

After selecting the Delivery Address, you can also modify or add your delivery address on your order journey. The customer will need to verify your card and then choose to change the billing address when you Review Order Screen.

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How to change the billing address on the Amazon Mobile App [Steps]

Change the Billing Address on Amazon
  1. Touch the “Person” icon on the Amazon App Home Page
  2. Choose “Your Account” or ” Account” from the menu of choices
  3. Click the “Manage Optional Payments” from the next screen
  4. On the next screen, you will see the list of the cards (under the Wallet Section) you use to make payments. There is also the option to “Edit” the card details for each of them.
  5. Click on Edit and alter the card’s billing address on the next page.

How to Change the Billing Address in Amazon Desktop [StepsSteps

If you are on Amazon Desktop, you will see the same option when you go to Accounts & Lists.

Go Then go to Payment Options. Then you will see the card’s list and the option to edit or alter or modify the “Billing Address” in the card’s information once you’ve selected the card.

How did Amazon determine the billing information for me?

If you purchase a NEW card and make your first Amazon order using the card, it is important to be extremely cautious of that billing address. When you go through your regular Amazon purchase, you must first verify your delivery location. This delivery address will also be recorded as the billing account for the particular card since that’s when the card first makes a transaction on your card.

If you don’t take the time to look at the option to change your address for billing before completing the transaction.

Suppose you’re using a new card to purchase something at the address of a friend or relative delivery address. Keep in mind that this address can also be recorded as the card’s account number if it’s the first transaction that you make with the card. Therefore, it is important to record and alter the billing address before completing the transaction.

Also, you can verify the card information as in these instances, the address for shipping will be different from the billing address (associated with the card)

The next time you place an order with the same card, the billing address recorded in the initial transaction made with that card will be automatically selected as it is considered a permanent set-up.

You can, however, alter the address of your bill by going into payment settings and then selecting the card with the billing address that needs to be changed.

To create a new address general, access the Your Account & List option and select the “Your addresses” option from the choices.

Here, you will find the complete list of all addresses that you have utilized on Amazon.

What is visible when you view Amazon Invoice?

All Amazon Invoice has details of both the Billing address and the shipping address. If you only have one address listed on your profile, both the shipping and billing addresses are the same. However, both addresses will be listed separately in the bill.

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