How to change the bass on a bose speaker

How to change the bass on a bose speaker

Whatever speakers you connect to your computer in your workplace, you can control the volume and fine-tune other sound settings using Windows Volume Control utility.

Some sound cards also permit you to change the bass level, but it is possible to adjust the bass setting on the speakers.

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How to change the bass on a bose speaker

  1. Right-click the “Volume Control” icon in your system’s tray and select “Playback devices.”
  2. Click right-clicking on the “Speakers” icon on the list of devices that playback. Select “Properties.” If your computer is equipped with multiple audio devices, you might be able to see similar icons. Right-click on the device that you are currently running. It will be marked in”default device. “Default Device.”
  3. Go through every tab on the “Speakers Properties” page to find the setting that lets you alter the bass. Most sound cards offer options to modify”Bass Balance, “Bass boost”, or “Bass Balance.” These settings can be located on”Enhancements. “Enhancements” Tab.
  4. Access the control panel for your sound card if you cannot find the bass settings within Windows Volume Control. Windows Volume Control utility. The Control panel of your audio card is typically accessible through an icon in your system’s tray. If, for instance, your computer comes with a Realtek built-in sound card that is very popular, click the “Realtek HD Control Panel” icon that is located in the tray of your system and select “Sound Manager.” You’ll be able to alter the bass settings on the “Audio Effects” page.

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