How To Cancel YouTube Premium Subscription

Cancel YouTube Premium Subscription

It’s now easier to Cancel YouTube Premium Subscription you don’t use.

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How To Cancel YouTube Premium Subscription

In just a few steps, cancel your YouTube Premium subscription.

These are the steps to cancel your YouTube Premium Subscription.

1. Log in to your YouTube Account

2. Tap your profile photo > Paid memberships.

3. Click on the membership that you wish to cancel.

4. Tap To cancel,

5. Tap Next to select the reason you want to cancel.

6. Tap Yes, cancel.

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However, if your subscription was via Apple or Google Play, it will need to be canceled via their built-in system.

To make the cancellation online, simply visit Google Support.

Ideathrift is the one-stop-shop for all information you need to cancel, unsubscribe, or delete your YouTube Premium account.

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Your YouTube Premium subscription might appear on your statement as YOUTUBE RED 855-836-3987 CA.


YOUTUBE RED 855-836-39987


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