How to Cancel Your Chegg Subscription In 5 Easy Steps

Cancel Your Chegg Subscription

Are you fed up with paying for your membership at Chegg when your account isn’t being used as frequently as before? Do you want to stop the payment from your pocket to fund the current Chegg account?

We’ve provided the most efficient and speediest method to Cancel Your Chegg Subscription in five simple steps.

Chegg is an educational technology company located in Santa Clara, California, and offers education services. Membership with Chegg provides access to physical and digital textbooks that you can purchase on the multi-specialty site. Chegg also permits users to choose online tutoring and other student services.

The site also offers experts in Q&A as well as FAQs. Students also have access to the wide range of homework and textbook solutions provided by experts from the various educational fields that are accessible.

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How to Cancel Your Chegg Subscription In Easy Steps

A student account gives them clear, step-by-step directions on answering questions and provides the chance to improve their grades by providing useful advice and information on difficult subjects.

You can cancel your Chegg subscription using these simple steps:

1. Log into your Chegg account via the Chegg website and sign in using your login credentials.

2. Choose your profile on the right side of the screen and choose My Account.

3. Click on Change/Cancel Membership, then choose the Pay As You Go’ plan.

4. Save any changes, choose “Unsubscribe regardless,” provide an explanation, and then submit.

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Canceling the membership online is simple. Just visit and read more.

Are you looking to file complaints or give feedback? Simply call 1- (855) 581-9873 on your mobile and talk to Chegg’s customer service.

Ideathrift is your go-to source for all the details you require to deactivate your Chegg account and unsubscribe or cancel a trial.

Your Chegg subscription might show on your account as CHEGG, INC. 8442245952 CA.



CHEGG 844-224-5946

CHEGG, INC. 844-224-5952 CA

CHEGG, INC. 844-224-5952 CA 95054 US


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